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11th Carolina Century Bike Ride 'n' Roll Roadskate Greensboro NC October 20 2018

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11th CAROLINA CENTURY Bike Ride'n'Roll 21 to 102 Miles for MS & More.

• Voted Best Triad Century Bike Ride by Endurance Magazine readers 5 years in a row.
• Free Carolina Century Hat included for the first 300 registrants (pick up event day only).
• 10 Hour+ Support for Your Epic Ride for 730am start.
• 102/90/82/72/64/51/40/31/21-Mile routes.
• Hot Chili, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Fresh Salad Post-Ride Meal

• Full & Half Imperial & Metric Centuries plus Supported Bail-Out Routes.
• Decide on any distance at mile 12; choose 72, 82 or 102 at mile 63.
• Supported cutoff reduces 51 to 40, 64 to 52, and 102 to 90 miles (follow the 31 home).
• Painted Routes • Color Laser Maps • Turnsheets • Abundant Rest Stops
• Fast Hills • Smooth Rollouts • Rural Views • Crisp Skies • Autumn Joy

• Gospel Baptist Church, 5945 N Church Street, Greensboro NC 27455
• Saturday October 20 2018, October 19, 2019.
• Yearly on the Next-to-Last Saturday of October
• Church opens for packet pickup by 630am.
• 7:30a PREREG ONLY START 10mph+ and 9:00a 12mph+ start.
• 8:00a event day reg for those who didn't prereg for 9:00a start.
• We roll at 730am and 900am RAIN OR SHINE.
• Bike Ride'n'Roll to Benefit People with MS and to Fight Hunger where we ride.

• Preregister: http://BL2U.com/events/carolina-century/ 
• $25 till March 31 for 2018; $50 for 2018+2019 (avg. $25).
• $29 till May 31 for 2018; $54 for 2018+2019 (avg. $26).
• $33 till July 31 for 2018; $58 for 2018+2019 (avg. $29).
• $37 till October 17 for 2018; $62 for 2018+2019 (avg. $32).
• $45 late online reg till 5pm Oct 19 for 2018; $70 for 2018+2019 (avg. 35).
• EVENT DAY REG. $50 cash at 8am for 9am Start.
• Come join us for an epic day to help people with Multiple Sclerosis have a better, longer life!
• Preregister: http://BL2U.com/events/carolina-century/
• Follow: https://twitter.com/CaroCentury
• Friend: https://www.facebook.com/carolina.century.10
• FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1535313763204979/

• Vols who ride next year's Tour to Tanglewood can earn up to $20 donated per hour volunteered off the bike to their next year's personal fundraising for T2T. Write vols at this website name.

Carolina Century: where the fastest and the slowest going the shortest and the longest get great support that improves through the day, plus a full post-ride meal, because we plan it that way. We're going to be there ALL DAY, RAIN or SHINE, so you might as well come enjoy one last epic adventure before Daylight Losing Time, all to help people with Multiple Sclerosis have a better, longer life, and to fight hunger in the counties where we love to Ride'n'Roll.

Yearly on the Next-to-Last Saturday of October.

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