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2005 A2A Journals

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In 2005, several iterations of the A2A took place. The club version was the Outlaw, and three Roadskater.net skaters did the course on the originally planned day, calling that the Sidekick. Another Roadskater.net member provided support. The effort was to make sure that there was a 24th Anniversary Edition, and the two groups each tried to ensure that by skating the course for 2005. Other successful attempts followed the Outlaw and the Sidekick.

Please add your 2005 A2A story to this chapter of the Athens to Atlanta History Project! After you've written and posted your story, use the Outline tab to select "2005 A2A Journals" as the parent of your article. If your story is for another year, contact me or leave it be and I will add a Chapter for that year.



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