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2006 Tour de Triad skride

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Just looked up the date for this one...  October 21st.  This is a great ride, and I'd encourage anyone that is in the area to do it.  I'll certainly be there unless I go up and skate Le Defi in Montreal, which is the same weekend...

30, 50, and 70 mile routes...

$20 through Oct 15th, $25 after Oct 15th.




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Tour de Triad Awesomeness

Yes indeed, please support Tour de Triad. Roadskater.net team member Mike Clark is one of the producers of the event, which is for his Team in Training efforts in running. Mike will be a key to some future skating opportunities I believe as well, and he's very supportive of our participation in the Tour de Triad. We're hoping Elaine, famous of Tour to Tanglewood and T2T Training Ride rest stops, will continue her support at the Tour de Triad rest stop as well.


Mike is still getting his skating legs, so he hit the Tour to Tanglewood on the bike, but next year he hopes to be roadskating with us. We're really glad to have him on the team either way!


As for the route, other than one tight spot heading out of town on Fleming Road I think it is, this is a great, fun route. Getting out of any city is always tricky it seems. There's a pretty exciting sweeping downhill bend not too far from the start. Coming back into town one year, we ended up making a slight change in our route having missed a turn. It turned out to be a pretty fun mistake!


I hope to be there, if I'm in town, as this is a really fine one with great people at the heart of it. Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro is another one of those great supporters. It is always such a happy thing to see Dale!


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