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2007 New Orleans Mardi Gras No Rollerblades, No Open Flames in Vehicles

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Yeah, right! No bikes, no skates along the route. I had always thought this was not such a tame event. You can wear plumes of feathers but not skates? OK well maybe. Wait a second...huh?...

No open fires along the route or in vehicles

That seems reasonable but I never knew that would be a problem: "Hey come get a hot dog; we have a campfire in my Fiero."

No running up to floats, chasing floats or throwing things at floats.

Oh yeah, sure. Nobody's going to chase or run up to or throw anything toward the floats. OK.

Parents are urged to watch their children.

How about parents might want to hide their children's eyes or maybe even hire a babysitter? Hee. I've never been to Mardis Gras, as you may be able to tell. But I'm not dead yet, and if I go I think I'd like to get stopped for skating the parade route! Seriously. Nobody has skated in the parade? Surely someone has. Anyone?

2007 Mardi Gras Rules
KPLC-TV, LA - 14 hours ago
Also no littering, pets, bikes, skate boards or inline skating along the parade route. No running up to floats, chasing floats or throwing things at floats. ...

[Inline Skating]


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Yeah they should ban feathers too. The feathers could make a float-driver sneeze and plough the float into the crowd.



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