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2016 9th Carolina Century Bike Ride 'n' Roll Greensboro NC October 22 2016

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  * Saturday October 22 2016
  * Gospel Baptist Church, 5945 N Church Street, Greensboro NC 27455
  * 102/90/82/72/64/51/40/31/21 Miles
  * 7:30a 10mph+ and 9:00a 12mph+ starts and more.
  * Voted Best Triad Century Ride by Endurance Magazine readers in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.
  * Full & Half Imperial & Metric Centuries plus Supported Bail-Out Routes.
  * 10 Hour+ Support for Your Epic Ride.
  * Preregister on CarolinaCentury.com website.
  * http://BL2U.com/events/carolina-century/
  * Bike Ride'n'Roll to Benefit People with MS and to Fight Hunger Where We Ride
  * Modular Course: Nested loops (21, 31, 51) attached to 51 miles of daisy-chained lassos (64, 72, 82, 102).
  * Clockwise courses emphasize right turns; suburban first while fresh, more rural as courses finish.
  * Decide on any distance (21 to 102) at mile 12
  * Reconsider the 102 at mile 63, choosing 72 or 82 miles.
  * Iron Works shortcuts reduce 102 to 90 and 51 to 40 (no separate turnsheet).
Marked Routes • Maps • Turnsheets • Abundant Fire Station Rest Stops
Hot Chili Lunch • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches • More Goodies
Fast Hills • Smooth Rollouts • Rural Views • Crisp Skies • Autumn Joy

  * $35 to PREREGISTER by Midnight EDT, Wednesday before Carolina Century for all distances and starts.
  * $50 Thursday and Till Friday Noon EDT the day before Carolina Century.

Carolina Century: where the fastest and the slowest going the shortest and the longest get great support that improves through the day, plus a full post-ride meal, because we plan it that way. We're going to be there ALL DAY, RAIN or SHINE, so you might as well come enjoy one last epic adventure before Daylight Losing Time, all to help people with Multiple Sclerosis have a better, longer life, and to fight hunger in the counties where we love to Ride'n'Roll.

Yearly on the Next-to-Last Saturday of October


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Skilled Roadskaters Welcome at Carolina Century

Roadskater.net started the Carolina Century as a skateable bike event to keep the costs down and to share the road with cyclists who welcomed us at Tour to Tanglewood and so many other events. We don't even mention that it's designed by roadskaters because then people think it's not a bike ride, so over the years we've mostly left the talk about roadskating among the roadskaters. It is very much aimed at the cyclists who need the extra hours to complete their first or repeat century...and the roadskaters who might need that too, like me!

Roadskaters are definitely welcome, but you need to have some braking and road skills, of course. Helmet required for all; brake strongly recommended but OK, stop the best way for you.

There's a pretty fast hill on the Western 51 (on the 72/82/90/102), but it has a runout. It's nowhere near as long as Silver Hill on Athens to Atlanta's course. Still you may want to be able to slow yourself as you enter this one, particularly the first time.

On the Eastern 51 (the 51/64/90/102), there's a downhill T on Gold Hill Rd (when you see the STOP AHEAD sign) that leads down to a STOP SIGN at Bethany Rd. You really need to be able to STOP for this. This is a neutral zone for any of you worried about it; if there's a rest stop there and you want a ride down to the stop sign, or help from a cyclist braking, ask. Safety is number one.

If you've done Athens to Atlanta or Tour to Tanglewood, you've already demonstrated the skills you will need at Carolina Century. For those not quite ready for 51, the 31 is a nice route without the fastest downhill or the downhill T.

Always check the CarolinaCentury.com website for the latest updates.

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