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24-hour Montreal race -- taking insanity to a whole new level!

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Okay...  everyone knows I'm a distance junkie, and just a glutton for punishment in general...  Last year I did my first 100-mile skate and had intended to challenge myself by skating 100 miles on back-to-back days.  My "double century weekend" never happened unfortunately, but I have been pondering my next challenge for some time now.

I decided I wanted to recreate the challenge of my first A2A.  Being a rec skater at the time with no idea how to train for something like that, I managed to actually do pretty well.  (9 hours and change.)  The key was that it was something orders of magnitude bigger than I had ever done -- I think my longest skate before I started training for A2A was 16 miles, and I had never skated on the road before the day of A2A...

So, what would be orders of magnitude harder than A2A?  Or a 100-mile skate?


Now, this is primarily a team relay event.  But there is a solo category...  I had been thinking about doing this the last few years.  This year, they started sending out emails early and offering a pretty good discount for early registration.  Only $100 for solo category until the end of January.  Then, when I saw Brian was already signed up for the solo race, that clinched it!  I knew that at least I wouldn't be alone n my insanity!

So, I'm back to where I was 7 years ago...  Big challenge coming up, with no idea how to train for such a thing!

My strategy is going to be to just set a steady pace.  If the course is flat, I can probably "dial in" a 14 mph pace or so, and more or less skate indefinitely.  Getting adequate calories and hydration will be key though!  I know what a 9-hour skate feels like, but the continued calorie deficit could definitely have an effect later...  Who knows where the tipping point will be, where you're so calorie deprived that you bonk?

Up until now, I have always drank plain water (with electrolytes added), but I think I will need to try a sports drink.  I plan on starting my training with a sports drink early on to get used to it.  I'll also have to eat more often, and have to get used to eating more food while skating.  Hopefully since I'll be keeping my heart rate reasonable (maybe around 75%) digestion should still be okay.  I'll probably start experimenting with homemade energy bars (bar-fits) again, since eating gels for 24 hours will probably be nauseating.

If anything interesting comes up in my training, I'll be sure to post an update...

- SM -


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Teams Skatey-Mark and Shicoff!

How cool is that?!

So far all the solo teams are guys.

It says the track is basically flat, but that it has a 'minor' uphill. I bet after about 15 hours that minor uphill gets steeper! It also says on the website that 'ski polls' are not allowed. So no asking survey questions out there! Part of the course is open to the public. Interesting.

I keep thinking about how hard it'd be to have to stay awake for the 24hrs between 1pm & 1pm, but I usually do A2A on 3 hours sleep over 3 days anyway. :-)

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LSST and 24hr Le Mans

I know someone from the London Skaters Speed Team did the 24Hr at Le Mans last year on his own - will try to dig out some info, or maybe Mike Van Erp can tell us more.

14mph is a pretty impressive speed to me to keep for any amount of time!

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paceline is the key

14mph might be a bit ambitious if I were skating alone in the wind, but I think if I can find a nice, steady paceline to jump on, then it might be doable.

The longest solo distance achieved in the event is 92 laps (432.4 km).  That's about 269 miles...  That equates to 11.2 mph overall average.  Certainly sounds achievable on paper -- although I am sure I'll have a much different perspective after about 10 hours into the race!

- SM -

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