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28 Miles Inline Skating at Greensboro Country Park Before Storms Zap the City

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This weekend we thought we were going to perhaps go to the Mock Orange Bikes hosted Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride. But research on their website where directed to see cue sheets showed it included some perhaps busy roads (especially coming back...Reynolda and Polo), plus some challenges we've done before with downhills into intersections that are possible but not exactly tons of fun, and no route longer than 35 miles, which means no group might be coming in from 50 while we're coming in from 35. So when the rain came through overnight and in the early morning, we decided to pass. Sad to miss our friends, but we felt we should do what we know, and we were not even certain of the exact route they'd use for the far end of the out and back from their shop (did it go out Kiger and back Red Bank or mostly on Red Bank with part on a road we didn't know?). We should research sooner and better next time. 

As an alternative, we tried to set up a couple of days of at least 35 total, and Saturday was Target to Strawberry plus, with two Owl's Roost visits included (but no County Park due to the car show). That was a fun afternoon but an adventure skate at places, as "greenway" is not the right term for all of the trail, and very little of it really qualifies as rail trail quality and grade expectations. Sorry, but people should know that parts of it are what you think of as rail trail, and the parts that connect that could be sidewalks immediately beside roadways, or over downhill speedbumps through apartment complexes. Anyway, we're glad to have it, even if it's not fully rail trail grade! 

For Sunday, we almost blew it but got out to the park by and ready to roll by 5p to try to get as many minutes in as we could before too dark to skate. We had lots of frozen water bottles and goo and jawbusters and fireballs. It was a nice cool day, but maybe a bit warmer feeling than the day before, which felt completely comfortable to me. My heart rate had been so low the day before we were wondered if I was really rested or really fatigued or really sick. But I felt good. Today my heart rate was a bit higher than yesterday, but still well below my usual numbers...as much as 20 average hr beats lower than some days. 

We warmed up at a fairly easy pace, though Country Park is never totally easy, since it has some short to medium intensity hills. We were not making much effort at efficiency and we were waiting on each other at different sections where our style of skating varies a bit, so we were not hitting really fast laps, but we were doing OK and consistently going along. 

The weather threatened storms once with updrafts punching the clouds upward in black'n'white fluffy cotton candy bunches, but we checked the radar via cell and kept rolling except for water/ice swaps every four to six laps maybe. It was a nice day to be at the park, with enough people to provide entertainment and not so many that it felt really crowded. 

After a while we started being more conscious of lap times, and for a few laps we maybe worked at it a bit. I was feeling good but I also cared more about minutes on skates than miles per hour, and mainly wanted to keep rolling while eating ice and goo and candy now and then. 

About 30 minutes earlier than usual I had that first should I take off these (clear) glasses moments. So it had gotten dark due to clouds instead of sundown. The next time around with a clear view, we could see the sky had changed and it had that strange greenish hint of tint along the horizon. We figured in one lap we might be done. We made it two laps and then it was clear another would be dark and perhaps very windy or wet or both.  

By my reckoning we did 17 laps (I stopped my gps at one point then forgot to restart, having meant to do a stop-start to reset the autolap feature) which is about 28 miles. We had an OK average speed via consistency and less time at zero mph (though we both adjusted skates an hour or 90 minutes into the skate). 

A lot of the good of this weekend for me was the lower temperatures. It makes sense to me that with extra pounds there's extra heat to deal with in lots of ways that work the heart rate. 

So we missed our pals at the Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride, and would like to have met the nice folk at Mock Orange Bikes (I wanted to see their marketing and promo stuff), but with rainy overnight and morning weather and not wanting to be feel like we might hold people up waiting on us, it was just easier to skate Greensboro (with a lower carbon footprint, ha, to use a silly excuse where I often drive further to skate than the miles I skate). 

Our two days add up to 49 miles, but we missed out on some long, challenging hills and some fun roadskating with friends. Still, not bad! It feels pretty good. But getting road miles is harder this year it seems. We may need to go to a couple of charity rides with longer long distances so we can get in the hours we need with support. I need to check when Tour de Tammy is, and look for some other options soon! 


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Green Clouds

I heard a broadcast meteorologist mention once that green clouds indicate hail. That the large chunks of ice in the clouds reflect a greenish hue. Seems like a good explanation to me! 

There were hail reports in the area yesterday. 

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