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30-Day Challenge: Asthma, Allergies and Kick-Starting Fitness 2013

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Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah. I was slowly making zig-zagging headway with various elimination diets regarding my various allergies and autoimmune issues. Also, there was some recent talk behind the scenes about skaters and their training and/or weight loss goals for the upcoming training season. All of the above, plus a couple of 20 minute flat skating sessions this week that left me gasping for oxygen, has prompted me to try my own 30 Day healthy eating Challenge. I'm hoping to make it past day 4 this time.

I tried doing a Whole30 in January, but gave up after 4 days. The one I have devised for myself is a lot less strict and would allow plain old sugary stuff for any long skates I might work my way up to within the next month (*snort*). Speaking of which, my 30 Day Challenge will coincidentally end on the day of the next 72 Miles for Freedom skate on the Silver Comet Trail. At this point I don't have it in the budget to take part but I haven't totally ruled it out yet. Never mind that I can barely skate 6 miles and it's hardly likely that I can work up to a breezy 72 within 30 days, even if it is only on the trail and not piedmont-hilly.

Getting oxygen into my lungs and bloodstream seems to be a problem so I have taken milk and cheese out of the diet for the next 30 days (as I slurp down my last mug of hot cocoa). I'm already wheat, grain, soy and legume free, so everything is going to have to be home-cooked and preplanned, which is the hardest part, frankly. I am still going to allow myself some plain corn chips here and there, so not technically grain free, if corn is considered a grain. I know it's probably GMO'd to pieces by now, but this 30 Day Challenge needs to be doable. 

What has me stumped is why I never fail to fail by day 4 of any kind of abstinence regimen. Here are the guidelines I devised for myself this time around ("Progress, not Perfection", as they say in Al-Anon):

Home made broth/soup
Plain corn chips
corn-syrup free, low-sugar Jelly
Coconut Milk
Salt & Seasonings
Dried fruits
Lightly-dunked caffeinated tea bag with no milk
herbal teas
Not from Concentrate OJ
Apple juice
potatoes occasionally (not too much)
Peanuts & legumes
chocolate with dairy in it (basically all of it), including that stuff in a jar
Corn Syrup
30 days! Surely I can stick to this for 30 piddly little days! Why is it so difficult? Perhaps including sugar this time around will help. I really don't know though, how I'm going to do without chocolate, unless I can find some dairy and soy-free chocolate around anywhere (pretty nigh impossible). Even the stuff that's so dark it tastes like tar has dairy in it, strangely enough. I am really hoping going dairy-free for a while will get rid of my asthma. 
I will check in, possibly even posting some successful recipes I have tried that were cheap, easy to make, and tasty. 


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Eager for an update, plus thoughts

Well I have to say going without wheat for a year as you have done is amazing. I don't recall but maybe one time you ate any wheat (?). And I mean any ingredients related to wheat. It is interesting to see where you've eliminated food groups and to see why (or at least I think I get why: rice: allergy; soy: thyroid control; others: not sure, ha). 

Some things I've noticed along the way because of this is just how much "hidden" wheat, corn (high fructose corn syrup) and soy (espcially soy lecithin) there is around. The chocolate bar quest is close to impossible (but not) if you avoid soy, and I can't imagine it without dairy. It'd be cool to have a list of the "hidden" names they use for wheat, soy, corn, rice and such. 

Over the last year I'd say I've cut down on these things (mainly wheat, soy, rice, chocolate) but definitely have not eliminated them. Just hearing your reasoning and seeing your effort has influenced my choices. But the biggest rule of all is that it has to stay out of my house or I will eventually track it down and eat it.

Such is the case with a food I managed to live without just fine for long months, and probably obtained a year ago before it was off your ok list: namely, peanut (legume, bean) butter. This week I bought some small gala apples. Then I happened to "bump into" my plastic peanut butter jar (the jar is plastic). I never eat that stuff. But at the last Carolina Century I had a PB&J sandwich that was incredible. OK I had 2 at different rest stops late in the day. Anyway, until that jar of peanut butter and the jar of natural pb are gone, I'm likely to participate. I think I do OK with the PB in moderate quantities. 

So, congrats on your quest and good luck. Keep us posted!

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I failed. 

It's ok. I will try it again at a later date. But I did find some chocolate that was soy- and dairy-free (that's quite a challenge. 



Oh and check out these wrappers on this brand:



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