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How to Add your Location to the Roadskater.net Map

Roadskater.net is for members for safety and privacy reasons, not to keep you out. Mostly it's so you won't have to see tons of spam and irrelevant content. Please see "How to join roadskater.net free" for information on joining. Once you've joined and been approved and have signed in, look in the navigation menu on the top left of the page for an entry called "my account."

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How to Add a Friend to your Buddy List

In the navigation menu at the top left you'll see an item called "my buddylist." Click on that, and you'll see a window that shows any buddies you already have. You'll also see a tab that says "buddies of." if anyone has selected you as a buddy already, you'll see their name there.
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START HERE >>> How to Use Roadskater.net

This is a brief guide to using roadskater.net. We'll all add pages as we see what we need. Thanks for being here, and we hope you have tons of fun. JOIN! VOTE! WRITE! CREATE! MAP YOURSELF! MEET! ASK! DISCUSS! SHARE! Let's not forget that others helped us find our love of wheels and we should take the time to pass it along.
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A New Roadskater.net

Welcome to Roadskater.net, "the skating, cycling and charity magazine you can create!" Please click stuff! See what happens! Check out http://roadskater.net/index.php?q=start-here-how-to-use-roadskater-net. Read all you like, but to contribute, we ask you to join first to help foil junkbots. And don't worry, the 15,000+ photos and movies from http://roadskater.net/index.htm are still there waiting. Skateylove Yes! Blake

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