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TV Weather Men and Weather Women and Global Dumbing

Finally someone said it in print. I don't claim to know the truth about anything, but I know how I feel, sometimes.

Recalling the movies, Network and Broadcast News and after recent viewings of An Inconvenient Truth and The Fog of War, it's not hard to notice how our television weather anchors are literally oxymoronically dead weight fluff (most of them), avoiding any weather issues other than the 3-degree guarantee. Of course they are just the break between advertisements, so what do we expect?

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Floyd Landis Defense Fund and Multiple Sclerosis Donation Link

Not much new here except the information that there is now a way to contribute to Floyd's defense. What would really be interesting would be if they would sell stock in the defense so that if he loses, you lose, but if he wins, you win too! Now that would really be an educational lottery!

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Rollerblading in Gay Paris, Tennessee Williams, Golden Panthers, Electric Smile

Now and then...OK every day...I'm transported back to moments...this time standing by the stacks in the library in grad school, reading the diaries of Tennessee Williams.  

I had an assignment to find out where Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill were and what they were doing the night Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman opened on Broadway. (I think that was it, or something close; a great assignment that led me to the microfiche of the New York Times Broadway ads and much more.) Have I written about this lately or just thought of it? Never mind.

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Rollerblading (Inline Skating) Part of the Family Story

As I scan the news for inline skating stories, I simply can't believe how many people are remembered for something having to do with rollerblading (inline skating). Mostly of course it is when kids die that their family lists skating as one of the things they'll remember about the person. But what strikes me about it is that skating is so personal, so intimate, in so many of these stories. It's one of those things family or closest friends try together, with hilarious, exhilarating or sometimes dangerous results. One of those memories came across my screen, and while it is not great writing or perfectly told for effect, it speaks of the danger, the fun, the dearness, the challenging of self, the desire to be and look cool, and how a simple coasting device can be main subject of the heart when someone is gone. This from a funeral in early December:

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Kickbike Scooter Bike and Kickspark Scooter Sled

Check out this article on the Kickbike, which seems like a nice alternative in certain situations... It has brakes and a front wheel somewhat like a regular bike, with a smaller rear wheel. No gears or crank, of course, so it is lighter and more workout one would imagine! This could be a hit for a lot of touristy situations I think, since it is usable with perhaps a wider range of clothing and shoes with no bike chain to worry about. I don't know as I've never ridden one, but I'd like to give one a ride at the beach sometime!

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Beware of Dogs NYC Walkers, Runners, Skaters, Cyclists, 9pm to 9am

Of course you already are on the lookout between 9am and 9pm (and the rest of the day), but now there's extra good reason. I have no dog in this fight, as I have no dog any more and have not been hanging in the city of late, but I've been afraid of dogs off the leash before of course. My typical reaction is to say "hey puppy" in a helium voice a la Broadway Danny Rose no matter how big the dog.

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Deaf and Blind Speed Skater Aims for Paralympics

This is mostly a press release so if you want to know about that, click it. But an important and interesting part is that this skater wants to get his event class into the Paralympics. Good luck! From the release...

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Skating Criminals: No Drugs, No Alcohol, Just Wheels

Another bunch of criminals are causing law enforcement and other government figures worry. Drunk and drugged drivers and shoplifters and robbers don't seem to be keeping everyone busy enough, so skateboarders are getting the ire of the law. I'm not a fan of grinders, but for those that want to travel by wheel instead of by car, and exercise their legs outdoors without damaging property, why should these guys be stuck in a skate park? As long as kids on bikes are allowed, there's no good reason kids on skateboards shouldn't be. I liked how these guys represented their sport with grace and style in this piece from the Daily Advance. Good luck, kids!

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On the way to Epiphany

OK it's a bit late or a bit early, so let's say a bit early.

I'm making my resolutions (but I do that year-round to little effect it is true) and feeling those epiphanies and all that. I've been talking about this for some time and now seems like a good time to review and restate.

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Thinking About Stuff

Things that have been on my mind, none big enough unto itself to warrant a blog entry:


Knoppix recommends having at least 128MB of RAM "to use the various office products," but even 256 can be pretty painful if you do much of it, and 512MB is way better.

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United Parcel Service UPS Packages Spend Christmas in the Twilight Zone

The saga began early in the week before Christmas. I had decided to avoid the stores mostly and do most of my shopping online. That was mostly a great decision I decided after going out to the stores later in the week. It was mostly a good idea except for a couple of crucial mistakes.

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Christmas Shopping Comparable to 87 mile A2A Foot Pain!

I just finished standing, ambling, milling and walking around various stores for the past 5 hours, Christmas shopping. I know, I know, I should've bought it all on line or in June or not at all. But my feet! Oh my poor aching feet! I swear after 4 hours they felt about the same level of pain and collapse as mile 50 on A2A. After 5 hours they were approaching the numb, sixty mile mark (well ok there was a time when I could've achieved 12mph :-). Trudging endlessly from one side of WalMart to the other had me wishing I could have done the whole thing on skates. I should have at least borrowed my son's Heelys for the occasion. I stood around in a wistful daze at about 10pm devising ways to do next year's Christmas shopping entirely on skates. This progressed into an even bigger day dream of skating to work, ditching cars and shoes altogether. I realized that probably the only way to pull that one off would be to move to Miami Beach or something. Anybody out there living in such a skate/cycle/pedestrian-friendly place that can comment (i.e. brag!) about that?  

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Blake's Notes: Eddy Matzger Inline Skating Blue Ridge Parkway Court Case

Some days ago I drove up to Abingdon, Virginia to attend the trial of Eddy Matzger for skating on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was fortunate to have my dad join me, my mom feeling well but not well enough for the journey. I think she preferred to decorate their house interiors for Christmas without us bothering her!

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Cool Ebay Ruby on Rails Lightbox Timewaster App

I was just playing around on eBay and looking at their recent attempts to do web 2.0 or whatever hypeword you like. It was pretty easy to make this...


...and it is really amazing how addictive it can be to vote on these things. Here's a simple url for the base page... http://ebaymatchups.com

seems like fun stuff and harmless enough, though some may get a little risque.

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Helmets: Is Cheaper Safer?

From The Recumbent Blog:

There is growing evidence that the new crop of hyper-ventilated helmets that are so popular these days are potentially less safe than traditional smooth-shelled designs. These "racing" helmets may pass the current Consumer Product Safety Commission drop tests, but recent accident reports suggest their squared-off edges and aerodynamic "tail" can grab the road, increasing the possibility of rotational brain damage, neck injuries, and helmet dislodgment.

Links from that post point to several articles on helmets.org, website of the independent and non-profit Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute.

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