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Blake's Athens to Atlanta A2A 2006 Journal 3 of 5

Sunday Morning Prep, the Start, the Crash 

My biggest freak early on Sunday morning was deciding sleeves or no sleeves, so that's a good low freak level. Oatmeal was good. I drank more Electromix and as much water as I could (we had bought 24 half litres from Walgreens and it seemed good stuff). We also had the Anna filter pitcher (for the water filters I sell) and I think we used some of that for our packs the night before.

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Blake's Athens to Atlanta A2A 2006 Journal 2 of 5

Saturday A2A Preparations in Athens 

Saturday we slept until we woke unalarmed, then slowly stoked the fires until we had some Pilon espresso in a slightly rich mixture even for my tastes (or at least I did). We started looking at wheels and bearings and decided to go with what we had for bearings, with me opting for new wheels due to the totally dry forecast and for whatever that might help me with regarding changes in my boots.

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Blake's Athens to Atlanta A2A 2006 Journal 1 of 5

The Friday Night Pre-A2A Skate in Atlanta 

I can't say that I remember much about Friday on the way to Atlanta from Greensboro, but I remember a major traffic jam and detour at the SC/GA border. I decided to take the detour, whereas a lot of folk stayed on the Interstate. I think they won, but I can never be sure of course.

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A2A 2006 Report

My usual disclaimer of my already-fuzzy memory being even fuzzier while skating a long event applies here, but I'll do my best to recall the events of the weekend... :) TermiSkater did a pretty good job of retelling our (mis)adventures getting from Raleigh to Atlanta in his report:

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The Roadskater.net Athens to Atlanta A2A Roadskate Book

Welcome to the Roadskater.net Athens to Atlanta A2A Book. You can be part of this project if you would like, adding your stories from the road to the History Project, advice on training to the Training Guide, and hints for survival or other glory to the Strategy Guide.
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25th Athens-to-Atlanta 2006

Ok roadskater people - here goes my very first blog entry. If you think A2A is long, just wait...

We're talking about the 25 anniversary of Athens-to-Atlanta. As far as I know, this is the world's longest running point-to-point outdoor roadskate anywhere in the world. For me it's also served as an annual pilgrimage to a place of better mental and physical well-being in almost every year since 1992. If you haven't heard of Athens-to-Atlanta (A2A), then either you're not an outdoor skater or you've been living under a rock. Visit http://www.a2a.net at your earliest convenience. A2A is not your typical athletic event. I'd say it's rather unique among even skating events though honestly I'm probably not as well qualified as many other skaters to make that judgement. But before I bias your reading of what follows by telling you about me, let me relate this year's A2A event as I experienced it...

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NC Bike Ride Calendars Skate Events Skrides

Kudos to Dale Brown once again for having a quick and easy ride calendar and for supporting so many worthwhile efforts:


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Tour de Pig XV 2006

2006.10.07 8:30 am
2006.10.07 2:00 pm

I did Tour de Pix X and it was a great patch, great tee shirt, great time, and great food.


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Athens to Atlanta: Finding a Paceline that's "Just my Speed"

Most oft uttered statement to me by other skaters this year on T2T, T2T training rides, and A2A: "I was skating alone (and therefore bonked) because I couldn't find a paceline/other skater that was just my speed."

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A2A Athens to Atlanta Roadskate 2006 Photos

Hey everyone. My photos are up. I may put some comments here later. As usual there are few photos from the last half where it is more hilly more consistently and where it is not, it is more urban and congested. Of course if I want great photographs I'll probably have to not skate, and if i want to skate great, I'll probably have to not take my camera and batteries along to distract me! In any case, here are the photos and I hope you find some you love. Maybe soon we'll have photos integrated into the site, but I didn't want to hold up the photos for that. Here they are:

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The Phenomenal Athens-to-Atlanta Roadskate 2006

Once again I sorta had my head in the sand about training for A2A, and once again I got through it somehow, securing another 87 sense-defying Georgia hilly miles. What a blast! Ah I'm still on such a high 2 days later, and still having recurring delirium each time I doze off, that I'm out there stumbling endlessly along the A2A course, looking for the finish line.

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Post A2A 2006 All Safe Plus Photo Links

OK we are all safe I think, all of us Roadskater.net folk, and others we know. Nobody has posted here probably because we're all catching up on rest, reading other people's posts, or editing photos we took. Roadskater.net picked up some great publicity I think due to the fact that Erica listed us as her team. Whether or not this ever happens again, it was a joy to see a Tour to Tanglewood veteran take the big prize, or at least to hear of it. There are many stories to tell, and though I had my worst time ever it was one of the best times doing it. I can't recall an A2A I didn't love.

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87-Mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate 2007 Inline Skate Race (also 52- and 38-Mile Events)

2007.10.07 7:30 am

Date was just announce on the A2A website...  Details available there...  No link to sign up yet, but I'd encourage everyone to sign up as early as possible so that this great event can continue...

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Argh! You're not fat - you have 'metabolic syndrome'

Well, the latest attack against personal responsibility is underway...  Now the pharmaceutical companies have coined a new 'illness' for doctors to diagnose:  'metabolic syndrome'...  I guess calling people fat doesn't sell as many pills...

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