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Fundraiser from Leeds wipes away her tears in US cycle challenge

Oy! I enjoyed reading this account of a couple from Leeds doing a ride across the US of America, cancer survivor Jane on the bike and husband, Mike, in support, for charity (see http://www.janesappeal.com).

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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and Marathon Training

This post is partly for people out there on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) who want to find out more about getting sufficient and efficient carbs for marathon, or extremely long-distance training and events. This means no sugar, wheat, gluten, grains, corn, or potatoes. I put "marathon" in the title for the benefit of any SCD runners who might stumble across this. Obviously what I'm gearing up for, the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, is three and one third times marathon distance. A Google search didn't turn up anything useful for marathon training and SCD. So I thought I'd put my experience out there for anybody else searching.

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View Recent Posts and View Popular Content

I finally got a break to try to catch up on reading all the great stuff you writers have been posting and remembered a useful menu item:

View / Recent Posts

I want to improve this in a couple of ways, but for now it has new posts (ones you have not clicked) with a red "new" and new replies with "new." I plan to increase the number listed per page and perhaps to turn blue new to red new. I also would like to create a View / Unread Posts if I find the time.

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Hit Distribution Top 50 Percent for Roadskater.net RSN2.com

For those interested in the geographic distribution of visitors to roadskater.net, here is some recent data, which is not complete, probably not entirely accurate as to visitor location in every case, and definitely does not typically include Midnight to 6 a.m. Eastern Time, thus under-reporting Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, perhaps. Nevertheless, it may be interesting and inspiring to potential writers who know something about these areas, or for other reasons. In any case, I thought I'd share where just over 50% of the hits have come during two time periods.

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Come Skate or Bike North Carolina Sep 9-10 2006

If you're looking for a great skate vacation with a good cause, consider North Carolina in September. It's a beautiful state and a great time of year to enjoy the country roads that meander along our rolling hills.
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How to Sign up for the Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood Team

It's pretty easy to join our Roadskater.net team for the Tour to Tanglewood, a 2-day, 90-to-145 mile skate and ride to benefit the National MS Society. Go to this url...
...and sign up.
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Hotels Near Tour to Tanglewood Saturday FINISH Tanglewood Park Clemmons NC

Here's a list of hotels near Tanglewood Park in Clemmons NC, at the intersection of Tanglewood Park Road and Clemmons Road. This is the finish location for Saturday's skate and ride, and the start location for Sunday.

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Hotels Near Tour to Tanglewood Saturday START Volvo Trucks NA Greensboro NC

Here's a list of hotels near Volvo Trucks North America, which is at 7900 National Service Road, Greensboro, NC 27402-6115. This is the start location for Saturday's skate and ride, and the finish location for Sunday.

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Landis update

Good interview with Phil Liggett (OLN commentator for TDF) is available here:


Phil Liggett on the Landis affair

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Quite possibly the dumbest "bike" ever invented

Now, saying this is the dumbest bike ever might be a stretch, as I recall seeing some very wacky old-timey inventions involving variations on bikes.  But this truly is stupid.  It's like the worst of both worlds, and it doesn't appear you can even coast on it.  I guess if you're a runner that has some phobia of treading on cement/asphalt, then this might work for you...

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Raglan Versus Set-In Sleeves on Custom Dye-Sublimated Skating and Cycling Jerseys

So the main issue was the NO SLEEVES sizing...but one gentle reader explained that my riff on raglan v. set-in was confusing. Here's more on the subject of Set-In or Raglan sleeves.

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Funny mis-translated cycling sign

Saw this posted today... :)


Road sign leaves Welsh-speakers bewildered

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Wolverine Inline Marathon results posted

The results from the Wolverine Inline Marathon (back in May) are finally posted...



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BikeFest 2006 Century report

This past Saturday, Dave & I skated in BikeFest, an annual cycling ride put together by Carolina Tarwheels. We've done it before, and it has always been a very well-run event. I'd say the rest stops are just about as good as those provided on Tour to Tanglewood, which is really saying something... Last year, we did the metric century and I remembered the route being quite nice. There was a bit of gatorback at the beginning, but other than that the roads were generally very good. Last year, though, it was insanely hot, so that detracted a bit from the experience. (But what do you expect in August?)

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