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Funny mis-translated cycling sign

Saw this posted today... :)


Road sign leaves Welsh-speakers bewildered

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Wolverine Inline Marathon results posted

The results from the Wolverine Inline Marathon (back in May) are finally posted...



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BikeFest 2006 Century report

This past Saturday, Dave & I skated in BikeFest, an annual cycling ride put together by Carolina Tarwheels. We've done it before, and it has always been a very well-run event. I'd say the rest stops are just about as good as those provided on Tour to Tanglewood, which is really saying something... Last year, we did the metric century and I remembered the route being quite nice. There was a bit of gatorback at the beginning, but other than that the roads were generally very good. Last year, though, it was insanely hot, so that detracted a bit from the experience. (But what do you expect in August?)

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new TSA travel restrictions

With NYC 100k coming up soon, I thought I should check and see that the new travel restrictions are for carryon luggage...  It didn't take long to find the information on the TSA website...


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Recent Roadskater.net Visitor Locations Working Again

The right sidebar now includes 50 recent visitors' locations once again. This feature was broken (or rather, the service it was using was broken), and this was causing a long delay in RSN content. Thanks to Mark, Tim, Craig and Elizabeth for input on this issue.
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Inline Skating Calories Burned

With all our various posts to this site about calories, intake & output & weight loss, I couldn't remember if anybody had posted about the varying supposed number of calories burned while inline skating. A basic internet search yields many different claims as to how many calories an inline skater burns. Of course the main factor is one's weight, then the duration of the skate. But I think most claims out there, typically the ones listed as 'rollerblading' in a drop-down box along with Tae Kwon Do, Aerobics and Jogging, are misleading because it doesn't allow for intensity. Factoring in Heart Rate would help here, since someone with either excellent technique and/or a high level of fitness could go 12mph on hills barely raising their heart rate.

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Air Quality Graphics Ozone Particulate Matter 2.5 Added to Roadskater.net

I've added Current Air Quality to the left sidebar of Roadskater.net as a test of usefulness. There are two graphics, which represent the current Ozone and Particulate Matter 2.5 readings for the USA.
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Coke + Camelbak

Some time ago, Skart asked on the Skweight Management thread:


"Another question. Did anybody try flat Coke or Pepsi as an energy drink in their camelbaks? I can just see deluted Coke and Elite water making a pretty good combination"

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$5 camera mount for your handlebars

Stumbled on this link today... The guy made it for his motorcycle, but I'm sure it could be tweaked for a humancycle...



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Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I've been fortunate so far this season in that I've had very few problems when skating, either training during the week or at the few events I've gone to. This past Saturday, though, I did run into a little trouble.

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Online route mapping -- bikely.com

Okay, I can't take credit for discovering this (Ann posted the info to InlineNC), but there is a very cool, FREE, site that allows you to post & view cycling routes.  Registration is quick and painless -- they don't even require an email address...

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Armstrong, Landis, LeMond, Andreu, Fear

I won't provide a summary here now, but this article from the mercury news is a somewhat detailed summary of the court case where Armstrong was put under scrutiny to adjudicate the matter of a five million dollar bonus earned by winning a particular Tour de France. The article has many insights, and relative to the Landis matter, food and drink control seem like really important issues to cover if you want to avoid any possibility of sabotage. I don't know how easy it would be to spike a rider, but I'm interested now aplenty. The article specifically notes how upset Landis was about doped cyclists, and also points to the "blue cooler" which Armstrong says was his protected food and drink. There's a climate of fear, most definitely, and some of this is fear of Armstrong, justified or not. It's interesting, however, how many people came out to cast aspersion on Armstrong, but that the case essentially says there's no proof the bonus should not be paid. Who knows what it all means with respect to Floyd, but his reputation sure was good on this subject, for what that is worth. Here's a link to a worthwhile article if you find Lance Armstrong an interesting topic:

kjg's picture

Floyd Landis - response to drugs test result

Floyd has responded to both the failed drug test result as well as the media coverage and the UCI's handling of the whole situation on his blog.


Jack's picture

Thanks, and much more..

..for the care, kind words, and strength you all have given to me in the past four days. Oh, BTW, I'M HOME.

My goodness, what an incredible experience that spanned, at least for me, the gamut of the emotional and physical realm. I'll save all that for another time. Suffice to say, my surgeon and the entire Cardiac Care Unit at Moses Cone Hospital receive my highest praise. (Where were you Bobbi?? :-) Thank you so very much for calling that first night, you have no idea how much it meant in that critical time to know an inside person to the CCU was calling to check)

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US10K Classic

2006.09.04 7:25 am
2006.09.04 8:15 am

If you're going to be in or near Atlanta on Labor Day, or at least within reasonable driving distance, I highly recommend this event. www.us10k.org


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