2012 Roadskater.net Inline Skating (Rollerblading) & Cycling (Bike) Jersey

Order Form: 2012 Swirly Ocean (formerly known as Mystery Color) & 2005-2011 Classic Colors

($44 & $54, respectively, for pickup at Friday dinner before 2012 Tour to Tanglewood...just $5 for USA shipping.)

Orders are done but demand seems strong so we may be able to order for you or to get together a winter order. Write me a note to jerseys at this website name if you are interested. Or if you are adventurous and forward, put some in the cart, pay for them, and I will contact you to see how soon we could make it happen, and refund if we can't get it going.

* supersoft wicking fabric
* supersweet 19-inch zipper
* sleeveless or short sleeve
* 3 rear pockets for your sweetstuff
* trim or club fit
* unified design across a spectrum of colors:
12 Swirly Ocean (teal) Mystery Color * 11 Cherry Red * 10 Sunflower Yellow * 09 Hot Magenta * 08 Juicy Tangerine * 07 True Violet * 06 Sunlit Green * 05 Sky Blue

The color numbers represent the year we first used that color, but all jerseys in this order will be freshly printed and then cut and sewn between now and the tour to tanglewood friday evening roadskater.net dinner.

Sample color photos never show what it looks like in person, especially laid out like this and photographed as a group. But here are a couple pics...plus some color notes...
* the blue and violet are easily discernable as different in person (more like in the sunshine photo).
* the red really looks red even in the sunshine, not as orange red as this looks to me (more like in the shade photo); we'll be tweaking the darkest shade in the red a shade darker and leaving the lightest shade as is. this will bring out the swirl but keep the sizzle.

short sleeved omg version in midafternoon shade...

short sleeved omg version in full end of day sun...

Roadskater.net is a team of skaters and cyclists who love them, who raise money for people with multiple sclerosis and other conditions. It's the team for those without a team. Get a jersey without being on the team, or be on the team without getting a jersey. It's OK! Let's do our sports for those who can't right now, in hopes they can join us soon. Represent your sport with love!

Order on this page, but feel free to view notes from last year for now while I work on updating notes for this year...
Sizing and Other Notes on the 2011 Roadskater.net Mystery Color Jersey Project

* Note: You do NOT have to be a member of PayPal to pay with your credit card or checking account. Safer than a waiter, and maybe, your bank.

OMG Original More Generous (Oh Muy Guapo/a) Club Fit in Classic 2005-2012 Colors *

OMG Color
OMG Sleeves
OMG Size

* Note: You do NOT have to be a member of PayPal to pay with your credit card or checking account. Safer than a waiter, and maybe, your bank.

WTF Women's Trim Fit in Classic 2005-2012 Colors *

WTF Sleeves
WTF Size

* Classic colors saturation subtly altered in some cases for slightly more vibrant tones or mild contrast improvement.

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