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A2A Athens to Atlanta Route Video

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I have not finished yet, but I have put up a series of videos that show part of the route for Athens to Atlanta. The video is from early March of 2004 and was taken as I drove the route on 2 separate days, with partial coverage on the day between these two. Much will have changed and this is part of the capturing of the history of this great event in its 25th running (counting the Outlaw and other times folk skated the route last year in homage to the days of old).

So far the video only covers up to the 2nd rest stop, but I hope it will give you some of the flavor of the roads getting out of Athens into the country. I hope to update more soon, and this page will tell news of that effort. PLEASE NOTE: if you have poor performance from the video, please download the video to play it from your location. (Copyright 2004, Blake Lambert, Roadskater.net. All rights reserved.)

  1. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-1.mpg Classic Center, Athens GA to L on Oglethorpe.
  2. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-2.mpg Oglethorpe then Tallassee to Crossing John Collier.
  3. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-3.mpg Tallassee to L on GA 330 to Reservoir.
  4. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-4.mpg Reservoir to R on GA 211 Statham Road, Checkpoint 1.
  5. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-5.mpg Rest Stop 1 to departure from GA 211 (Go S to Rockwell Church Road).
  6. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-6.mpg Rockwell Church Road to R on GA 211 Thompson Mill Road (Checkpoint 2).
  7. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-7.mpg GA 211 to L on Dee Kennedy Road to L on Harmony Grove Church Road.
  8. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-8.mpg Harmony Grove Church Road then Union Grove Ch Road to L on Old Auburn Road.
  9. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-9.mpg Old Auburn Road to L on 2nd Avenue and the finish in Dacula.
  10. Sorry! Sections a2a-route-a through a2a-route-m are not finished.
  11. http://roadskater.net/movies/a2a-route-o.mpg L on Virginia-Highlands to R on Park Drive to the finish in Atlanta.

If you enjoy this, please let me know so I'll know to continue! If you're a member, please vote using the 5-wheel ranking system.

Skateylove and long live A2A!



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Somebody Did Not Watch The A2A Start Video

Wow. One of the craziest things about A2A 2006. The lead pack got lost in Athens! This included some guys that have skated many times. Guess I didn't get those videos out soon enough. Remember, they can't mark the streets in the city limits, and...

When you see NORMAL HARDWARE you need to be in the left lane to turn left onto OGLETHORPE in front of the big blue sign for the NAVAL SUPPLY CORPS SCHOOL.

We were going left when some of the spanky pack were coming back in from their mistaken excursion, and it was a bit dangerous. We've heard reports that some did not come back to the point where they left the course and this would clearly be in violation were there any rules!


skatey-mark's picture


Actually, your first video was the only one I got to see, and I still missed the turn!  :)


I was really kicking myself for not going on the Saturday afternoon skate, not turning around sooner, not remembering the landmarks to look for that you pointed out in the video, etc, etc...   I just assumed that the people I was following knew where they were going!  And also assumed that the lead motorcycle wouldn't lead us astray!


It's a damn shame that they can't mark the course within the city...  I know one thing they do at Le Defi is use road flares to mark some of the early turns on the bikepath.  Maybe I'll make that suggestion for next year.


In any case, I plan on knowing the beginning of that route much better next year!  I'm not sure if I'll go on the Saturday skate, or maybe just drive it a few times.  But I won't miss that turn again, even if everyone else does...


- SM - 

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Easy to See How you Miss a Turn

Well it's incredible that certain people missed that turn just after Normal Hardware (that section of Athens is called Normaltown) at Naval Supply Corps School, but I didn't mean any of you guys. I can't believe Bruce and Eddy could have missed it, though it seems there's discussion in some places that some knew and didn't really try to hard to let everyone else know. Some apparently didn't go back to the same point on the course, which in my view means they should be DNF or at least have a time penalty. Nothing personal here, but that's how I feel on that. And it won't happen as it is a not very enforced event for the most part, unless something happens in view of a video camera run by someone from the event.


As for missing the turn, it's easy to see being so focused on keeping up, not clacking skates, watching for road junk, believing the motorcycle escort, and watching veterans of the roadskate. The video I made is not that great, anyway, only a suggestion of what to do.


But I think that little hill after the turn is important enough that I thought someone would remember. It's a very small hill but one you could crossover and push hard up and maybe drop the back half of the pack off in doing so. Not sure.


And I am sure some immediately thought, "we've missed a turn!" I wonder who was the first in the lead pack to know and what they did!


Anyone who knows more, who can summarize the thoughts of others, or add some of their own, let us know! I thought I sensed some bitterness toward some of the lead group in some of the language I read or heard, in that perhaps they made their way back rather quietly. I think if they knew other competitors made a wrong turn it is fair to let others continue in their error, but it would also be grand to yell and say to the others that they'd missed a turn. I think being rewarded for intelligence and preparation in addition to muscle is good.


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