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A2A Results are up!

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Results are already posted for the 2009 A2A. http://a2a.net/ Sorry. Too exhausted to write anything coherent right now! Good job everyone and thanks for coming to do the event.


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A2A photos from Jay & Deb

Jay took pictures at the 38 finish and later at the 52/87 finish on A2A day. He did his best to get most everyone that came past the 38 finish and checkpoint 3, and most who came across the line at the 52/87 after the 87 finish clock hit 6:22. I think he did a great job, especially since he was watching his young daughter at the same time! To see the pictures: Go to http://www.daycphotography.com/ and click on the "Check out your proofs on line!" link. From there, click on the "Athens to Atlanta Skate 09" link. It will ask you to register, and you will need to provide an e-mail address, but only to communicate with you about this event, and will not be used for any other purpose. I like the scrolling design for finding a particular photo/participant.

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