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A2A on travel channel, hopefully.

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I saw this on the K2 site and thought how great this is for bringing some much needed exposure to skating.  From what I understand, this show will start on the Travel Channel in October, so check out the link.  It's about a 4 min video clip.



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It's great that A2A is getting a little coverage there, on the Travel channel. I went to the website and saw the video, expecting them to be really plugging A2A but they barely mentioned it! Oh well, I'm not complaining, and K2's goal here is to sell long-distance skates, after all. Maybe one or two people sitting on the couch will want to know more about this outrageous 87 mile skate, and go look it up! I was pleasantly surprised to see Dean Warhaft's novice level in his new K2s, and that KC will be giving him some tips to become 87-mile ready over 6 months. This almost makes me wish I had cable. Thanks for the heads up, Jonathan.

Endurace Traveler Website

Very Cool! I did a quick google search and I found the website for the show. It looks like the episode is going to be on the air in the spring. If you look at the guys blog, you will find he is now doing 40 mile skates in Steamboat Springs Colorado.




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