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Absolutely: Railtrails Equal Ecotourism and Economic Revitalization

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Absolutely. The Anniston Star gets it right in their opinion that shows their excitement about the "bridge in the middle of nowhere" and the paving of the last sections between Anniston AL and Smyrna GA hopefully in 2007. We've been there and we've seen the growth in ways we love and hate, but have to look upon with awe.

Any city with abandoned railways that is not actively rushing to develop a multi-use path as far as it will go is crazy!

The Silver Comet is a magnet for new housing of almost every kind, and why not? Wouldn't YOU choose the place just like all the others that ALSO has a 38-mile (soon to be 90!) stretch of exercise trail out back?

We're sad for the trees felled so near the trail and for the legoboxes so near, but have to say the smart folk live on the trail, because the roads are pretty scary most places!

If the people on the abondoned railway from Greensboro up to Walnut Cove and perhaps Mount Airy could see what it would do economically by visiting the trail, they'd drop a lot of other projects and get cracking on it. In many places where the SCT crosses another road, it's boomtown where it was otherwise open land before, and even WAY out at the long Pumpkinvine trestle (out past Rambo at 22, so about 23 miles out) they put up a bunch of ugly boxes and you know who people bought 'em. (Insert one nod to Tim on that one, and of course the Eagles One of These Nights, recently recalled in a conversation at Elizabeth's Pizza on Lawndale I think it was, only 50 yards from rusty rails unused along Battleground Avenue.)

And to give credit to some with vision, my dad took me up to Mount Airy (aka Mayberry for all o'y'all who watch The Andy Griffith Show) to their 2.5 mile section of railtrail, which is nice, and we SPENT SOME MONEY there which we otherwise would not have in their sweet little burg. Livin' on the tracks might've been noisy and dirty in days gone, but livin' where they used to be is sweet as it can be if there's a railtrail coming through. Businesses even had signs, and big ones, at the BACKS of their stores so people on the trail could see what was just around the building. My mom shopped while dad biked and we skated. To each their own exercise!

Now let's get cracking on those rusty rails in Greensboro! Where do we start, or how do we catch up to those who have?

A bridge to Georgia
Anniston Star (subscription), AL - 58 minutes ago
OK, news that the Cleburne County Commission awarded a contract to rebuild a 212-foot bridge on the Chief Ladiga Trail out in the middle of nowhere in the ...

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