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Adam Sandler & Keri Russell Inline Skating (Rollerblading) on Santa Monica Movie Set

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Hey nothing huge here, but maybe inline skating will get a boost from "Bedtime Stories," a movie in production and recently filming in Santa Monica, if my sources (ha, see below) are correct. I'm guessing these are K2 4x90s or 4x100s?...

I have no idea, really, and didn't look it up. Sad when you get excited at any mention of your sport in the movies! Maybe skateylove will take over the world. You know it will.


Keri Russell and Adam Sandler’s “Bedtime Stories” -

The Gossip Girls

Keri Russell and Adam Sandler’s “Bedtime Stories”
The Gossip Girls - 4 hours ago
Shot near the Santa Monica Pier, the day consisted of the on-screen couple rollerblading and taking a walk along the water, where they encounter an ...


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Ack! Kneepads but no

Ack! Kneepads but no wristguards? What the hell are they thinking???
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But What About My Hair Style?

Ack is right! No helmet especially! "Hi Alzheimer's. Welcome into my future. I'll give you a shot at some minor to major brain whacks with no protection! Please let my brain, floating in it's fluid, smack the inside of my rough skull and start to swell over the next day or two. And keep my hair looking as pretty as possible...until I hit my head on a low rock wall by the beach and it becomes a bloody mass and they have to drill holes or remove a patch of my skull to relieve the pressure." Sorry! (Not really.) I've just seen "Change Your Brain Change Your Life" (please use the Amazon search box on this page to find out more...5% of your purchase will go to the site...if you want to, feel like it, and don't mind helping keep roadskater.net alive). I don't know much about Alzheimer's but previous brain injury is one of the major factors increasing the odds of getting Alzheimer's it seems. No elbow pads either, but more importantly no wrist or palm protectors. Those would be a good additions. I wonder what the insurance costs for Keri to skate in a movie scene? This other shot shows that Adam is unlikely to be a skater but rather a New Balance wearer, and he apparently didn't do his own stunt when getting plowed into by helmetless Keri (hard to tell but it looks like she's not using a double in this photo). I like the drink cup caught midflight... http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrity_gallery/image_full/57006/ Of course, it is a movie, but all the more important an opportunity to get across a message tacitly. We'll see what it's like when it comes out...probably on video...if we remember. Not meaning to pick on Russell, as the director's boss, and these pics are out of context. In some respects they're just reflecting real life choices. But it'd be cool if she (or the director) took the challenge of making a skater look cute or cool or whatever with the safety gear on. To be fair, these are just paparazzi shots not official movie stills. I know the little kids in the park seem to respond to the idea that a helmet, especially, makes them look like the pro cyclists and skaters (and let's admit it, motorbikers jumping huge mud mounds) on TV and in their minds. If only their parents would lead by example...and some do. Lately I've been wondering if I could find a sponsor to copy that idea the police have in some town I read about. If they catch a kid wearing a helmet, they give them a ticket...for a free cone of ice cream! That seems like a great thing we could do in Country Park, and I think adults should be eligible too, either for ice cream or espresso or chocolate bars or something suitably unhealthy. Apologies if this all sounds cranky. Not meaning it to be. I just hope someone will put on their helmet who wasn't planning to before. I've whacked my head a few times with a helmet on and think I'm still here and functioning as well as can be expected for me because of those helmets.

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