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Alabama Tornado Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Pleasant Grove, Volunteer Information: How Can I Help?

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Of course you can always donate money to the Red Cross and countless other organizations (please do), which you can find listed alongside many tornado outbreak news articles. But it's a little harder to find where to actually show up or who to call to register for hands-on help in Alabama, probably partially because thousands of volunteers showing up out of the blue might add to the problem. However, there are some smaller organizations advertising for volunteer help needed. I know other states were hit too, including the state where I live, but I believe it's a Cat-in-the-Hat situation in Alabama (...And this mess is so big and so deep and so tall, we cannot pick it up, there is no way at all). I think the ratio of hands to rubble is far worse than in Georgia.

New info added April 30th 2011!!

The Salvation Army in Birmingham really has its act together! Here's a great page with a calendar for people to sign up for coordinating all the donated supplies:


http://www.servealabama.gov/2010/default.aspx is another place you can sign up. 

Hands on Birmingham has a debris-clean up operation going, but it's probably better for locals to show up since they have a limited number of volunteer spots and they will have to turn people away if they have too many. I imagine it's hard to guage how many people are actually going to show, that signed up ahead of time. I'm sure there are people and places you could help if you were turned away from this job! For Concord and McDonald Chapel:


with more specific volunteer-coordination info:

http://alabamapossible.org/2011/04/tornado-relief-how-you-can-help/  - scroll down to the 'volunteer' section. 

New info added April 29th 2011 for volunteers in the Anniston area from the Anniston Star:

Recovery volunteers, donations

The EMA also announced that volunteers were being welcomed again at a reception area set up at the Ohatchee Police Department, 7801 Alabama Highway 77.

Volunteers were urged to check in at the reception area, and not to report directly to damaged areas.

People with any potentially useful skills or equipment are asked to help.


This is a very useful page. Thank you!  

Some excerpts (April 28th 2011):

If you want to volunteer, please call the following numbers:
Jefferson County - 205-254-2039
Tuscaloosa - 205-359-0150

Contact Rusty Smith with the United Way of West Alabama at 205-345-6640
If you can volunteer in Jefferson, sign up on our website. 

If you would like to volunteer in Tuscaloosa please see below:
Tornado in Tuscaloosa Volunteering, Shelter Needs, and Missing Persons Searches
Tuscaloosa County Spontaneous Volunteer Management Team will host the Volunteer Reception Center atSt. Mathias Episcopal Church at
2310 Skyland Boulevard East in Tuscaloosa across from Wal Mart beginning at noon and ending at dark on Thursday, April 28, 2011.
The Volunteer Reception Center will be open on Friday,
April 29, 2011 and Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. until dark. ALL individuals wishing to volunteer should report to St. Mathias Episcopal Church for instructions on where to volunteer and what volunteer needs are available.
For shelter and help with missing persons, please visit the Belk Activity Center located at 2101 Bowers Park Drive in Tuscaloosa

 Missing persons info:


NorthPark Baptist church is located on Deerfoot Pkwy. I copied & pasted this note: Our staff is currently headed to Moody to help clear trees so families trapped in their homes can get out. If you would like to help out with any disaster r...elief you can contact Rus Goodwin at 908-7985. If you or someone you know needs assistance such as trucks, trailers, chainsaws, water, non perishable food, etc, please let us know by calling Rus at the number listed above.
Property found...where to report it:

Have you found some type of debris after Wednesday's storms that isn't quite debris? Many people are reporting that they are finding other peoples' valuables among the clutter that the storms left behind. If you would like to track down the owner of something you found after the storm, send an email with a photo and description of the item along with contact information for yourself to web@wbrc.com. We'll post all submissions here.


(me again...) Handy items to buy/send/drop off: new packets of undies, socks, blankets, diapers, toilet rolls, bottled water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, band aids, baby wipes. Take some work gloves if you're moving debris. 


I will update with any info as I find it. 

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