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Alaska Speedskating Skate Skiing Duathlon and More

roadskater's picture

Folk in Anchorage, Alaska are working on combining some skate skiing with speedskating, and that sounds like tons of fun for all involved. There's also a plan for a new speedskating oval too, which will accommodate inline skaters when there's no ice...

...the speedskating oval is one of many features of the park, which will be built this summer. The oval will be paved in the summer, allowing in-line skaters, those with strollers or beginning cyclists to go in loops and enjoy the surrounding beauty. There will be a slight lip around the oval, which will accommodate water for freezing in the winter but won't have walls like a hockey rink, giving the area a more natural appearance for year-round use.

This all sounds really great, and lots better than trying to discourage skaters in midtown as so many towns are trying to do! Thanks, Anchorage. Good luck this summer as the project begins.


Also check out some more information on midtownskate.org and the track at this link...



eebee's picture

That's good, hopeful news

Thanks for posting, Roadskater. Good news. Seems like there's more of this kinda thing 'up North'. Maybe the hot weather in the South makes everybody ratty (crabby). It's nice to hear when outdoor exercise is encouraged, especially when it's skating.

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