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Another Reason to Wear a Helmet!

eebee's picture

A day or two ago, a 50lb chunk of ice fell outta nowhere onto some poor Florida guy's red Mustang. The FAA are looking into the possibility of the ice having come off an aircraft above, having ruled out the chance of it being from a plane's lavatory as there was no bluish tint (ugh!).


I started looking up megacryometeors, and have learned that huge chunks of ice fall from an otherwise noncongested sky relatively regularly. The folk behind the above-mentioned site are pro-global-warming, that is to say, they are eager to alert the public to a possible correlation between global warming and these earth-bound hazards. I particularly would love to have the chance to drop into conversation, that these megahailstones' hydrochemical and isotopic composition are clearly tropospheric. The website contributors do have many coulds in their hypothesis linking global warming to the formation of the megacryometeors. Having said that, two other similar incidents have occured in the US in the past few months - both thankfully hitting inanimate objects such as houses - one in San Fran and the other in PA somewhere.


While trying to avoid political agenda here, I did chuckle when the reporter on the scene of the flattened car said the ice may be linked to global warming, partly because it sounded ironic. But I think I was just reacting to the bantering about of a hip buzzword by people whose only heretofore interest in the atmosphere was borne of whether their hair would friz or not.


Of course, helmet hair's a problem too. Just ask all the headphone-adorned toe-flickers on the Silver Comet Trail! And who knows where the next 18 inch megacryometeor is headed? If the atmosphere truly rebels and starts bombarding us with monster hailstones a la Day After Tomorrow, it might be best just to walk around with your skate helmet on. But man, I've got to say, if you get killed by one of these at this point in our atmosphere's history, then I guess it's your time to go!


roadskater's picture

More Ice Falling from the Sky

The other night eebee and I were talking about this giant hailstone of sorts (if not actually) and I have other links to add which show the car...

This link shows some video and a slideshow and this article has another photo. These articles may have been trimmed as they've gotten older. I'm not sure.

This article mentions megacryometeors and has a photo and video of the Tampa incident's damaged Mustang.

Also, another ice falling from the sky incident in Daytona Beach area quotes a National Weather Service forecaster saying they didn't think it weather related and a Federal Aviation Administration spokester carefully saying to be careful about assuming it might be aircraft related, and mentioning the blue ice again.

I sure don't know but I put my faith in external aviation condensation for now. Thanks for posting eebee and teach us more as you know more please!

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