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July 2006

skatey-mark's picture

My Skate Progression

Was thinking about the various changes in my own skating setups over the years, so I thought I'd post them here and give other s a place to post their own histories...


1990? - 1999? Rollerblade Lightning TRS skates... (Bought used for $100.) I think they could take up to 80mm wheels, but it might have only been 76 or 78mm. I didn't pay much attention to what I was skating on back then, being just a "rowlerblayder"...

Jack's picture

"It's not your head this time, it's your heart that holds your fate"...

...please allow me to plagiarize these lyrics from a song by The Boss, whose title at the moment, I can't recall.

Let me explain, my initial thoughts about discussing this subject on rsn2 were pretty much, "I'm really not one to share my ailments with a group of people whom I have tons of respect for, primarily, because I hate to sound like a complainer". In this particular case, however, I believe that line of reasoning is rather absurd, if not downright selfish. Alas, to share, being finally persuaded by the gentle urgings of Blake & Elizabeth, to do so, is the right thing.

skatey-mark's picture

Mark's Skweight Management

Okay, I just thought I'd consolidate some of the information I have in various places, and add a bit to it here, regarding my recent diet... Back on March 1st, I decided enough was enough after gaining about 30 pounds from the previous summer. About 10 of that was gained before the end of the skating season, and the other 20 pounds were afterward. I attribute much of that to moving, and having my schedule all screwed up for about 6 months. (3 months living with a friend after selling my old house & before closing on the new house... Then 3 months of unpacking and getting settled in the new house...)

eebee's picture

Sadness from our Beloved Silver Comet Trail

We have been following a breaking news tragedy here in Metro Atlanta about a 54 year old cyclist who was first missing, then found dead along side the Silver Comet Trail that many of us skaters use. Blake and I just did 40 miles there 12 days ago, even remarking briefly about the spot where it looks like this poor woman, Jennifer Ewing, was killed on Tuesday.

timv's picture

Slow Food: Skate Fast, Eat Slow

I heard a reference to "the Slow Food movement" today. I did some Googling and reading and it turns out to be pretty neat.

Founded in 1986, in direct response to the opening of a McDonald's restaurant in Rome's famous Piazza di Spagna, the Slow Food Manifesto declares that:
A firm defense of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life.

The Wikipedia article on the topic refers to it as "as the 'culinary wing' of the anti-globalization movement." Its projects include the "Ark of Taste," an effort to protect biodiversity and to "rediscover, catalog, describe and publicize forgotten flavors" threatened by industrialization, standardization, foods laws, and large-scale distribution. The above article describes Slow Food thus:

eebee's picture

Cycles de Oro T2T training ride 2006

2006.07.22 8:30 am
2006.07.22 12:30 pm

Consults screwed-up cue sheet...


Here's a brief description of last Saturdays T2T free training ride at Cycles de Oro, that Tom, Blake and I skated.


Weather: refreshingly 'cool', starting off around 70-75 deg F at 8.30am, cloudy, having just stormed a few hours earlier, becoming warmer and dry, 80-85 deg F over the course of the skate (for Blake and me, at least - I think Tom finished hours before us!).

skatey-mark's picture

Body fat % -- how low is too low?

So I was measuring my body fat with my calipers this morning and it came out to 6.2%...  It varies a little day to day, so I'd say a conservative estimate is maybe around 6.5%.  The last couple weeks have seen it drop a little, where it had seemed to stabilize around 7% for at least a month, maybe more.

skatey-mark's picture

Ozone and exercise

Okay, so I recently mentioned ozone as a potential health risk in a response to this blog entry... Well, I thought some more about it and decided I really needed to educate myself.

roadskater's picture

Tour de France 2006 Floyd Landis' Last Good Chance

Wow. Spoilers here so watch out if you don't want to know what's happening now. I'll insert a break so the preview doesn't spoil it...click to see the rest...after the replay I'll remove the break probably.

timv's picture

TdF Blog: Carmichael and Armstrong Might Know a Thing or Two

In his Tuesday journal entry, Chris Carmichael made some rather prescient remarks about Tour de France strategy:
I was watching today's stage with Lance Armstrong and several other people, and at one point during the race, Lance and I talked a bit about the difference between racing conservatively and aggressively.
During his reign as Tour de France champion, Lance was adamant about seizing every opportunity to gain time on his rivals. The idea was to build a cushion between Lance and his nearest competitors in case he ran into problems later on in the race. A one-minute lead can turn into a three-minute deficit in just a few kilometers, and Lance and Johan Bruyneel always said they'd rather defend a lead than fight to catch up.
If you're in the lead, you have two options. You can follow other riders, and as long as you stay with them you don't lose any of your lead. Your other choice is to attack and build an even bigger lead. If you get into a situation where you're behind, there's only one option. You have to attack and drop riders who somehow gained time on you already, and there's never any guarantee you'll be able to do that.
The one thing that's certain about the Tour de France is that anything can happen, to anyone, at any time. Having the yellow jersey and several minutes of time in hand gives a rider a margin of safety; losing one minute of a six-minute lead isn't a cause for major concern. Losing one minute of a one-and-a-half-minute lead puts the yellow jersey in a stressful position and lends encouragement to the challenger.

I guess they pretty much nailed that one. It's a fair question to ask whether Floyd actually could have put more time into his rivals last week and early this week, and whether it would have been enough to matter when the bad day did come. But they sure did see it coming.

eebee's picture

Skating in this heat is 'hardcore' too

How's everybody managing their training, in this heat? It's been mid-90s for a high every day here now for several weeks, but anything 85 deg F and upwards sends my heart rate skyrocketing. For my part, I'm basically just skating to get in a little bit of movement at this point and will be happy when it's back down around 85 for a high.

roadskater's picture

If you Reddit and Diggit say Deli.cio.us

I've added some links in the links area beneath full page postings so that users of certain tag sharing and other sites can quickly recommend our content or bookmark it. I'd like your help evaluating which of these you think are worth keeping and which you think I might just want not to display. Also if you know more social tagging sites you'd recommend, please feel free to use the create/site feedback form to let me know, or comment on this article. The links I am including at the start are for: del.icio.us, Digg, Reddit, ma.gnolia.com, Newsvine, Furl, Google, Yahoo, Technorati, IceRocket, and PubSub.

Also, this is pretty neat: http://digg.com/spy

roadskater's picture

Searchers, Site Visitors, Google Rankings, Titles, SEO

Hi to everyone, especially all of you who are contributing writers, with thanks a ton for what you do.

I've been temporarily out of the posting loop as i worked on tags, terms and a few new features that will hopefully help us reach out and be reached. I look forward to catching up on reading!

roadskater's picture

Roadskater.net System News

Here's a place for me to say what's up with the new roadskater.net in beta at rsn2.com. Please reply via create/site feedback:

20060714 I've added the following cities based on being top hitters over the past few weeks...

skatey-mark's picture

Cursed Skates

Saw the title of the auction and just had to read it... Poor guy...


Cursed K2 Inline Cadence Skates

skatey-mark's picture

Double-Century Weekend Challenge!

So some months ago, I read an article about this crazy endurance cycling dude...


That which does not kill me, makes me stranger

skatey-mark's picture

Beginner Road Skate in RTP -- July 15th @ 10:00 am

2006.07.15 10:00 am
2006.07.15 1:00 pm

Okay - based on the results I've seen so far, everyone has voted for RTP, and noone has voted for Elon. (Although I was leaning a bit towards Elon, truth be told...)


Anyway, we'll plan on doing the "Sunday morning" route, maybe with a slight change to make it a little easier (cut out a couple hills maybe...)

kjg's picture

How to train for the hills of GA in a flat state like MI!

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on ways to train for hills (both up and down) when you live in a place without very many?

My particular areas of concern:

- Downhills - fear of out of control speeds and speed wobbles

roadskater's picture

London gets new "go cycling" marketing campaign

This sounds like a major commitment from a leading metropolitan area to boost cycling. I can't tell you how good that could be for all of us if cycling can start to be taken seriously (again?), and particularly if law enforcement will support the efforts of roadsharers everywhere. It's a long way before auto drivers will see inline roadskaters the same as roadcyclists, even, but the more it improves for cyclists, the better for all human powered transportation modes. Of note in this article is increased funding. Hope it turns out great! Blake
roadskater's picture

Saskatoon athlete breaks world record

I don't know much about world record solo attempts, but I saw this story in the sidebar and thought it might spark some discussion at some point among those who have been to the F1 track in Montreal, especially to skate. As I recall from reports, during the 24 hour skate race there, participants had to watch for hedgehogs crossing or some such! Regardless, I don't know if this is an age group or gender or human speed record, as the article leaves a bit to the imagination. Perhaps we'll find more later. Enjoy...Blake

Saskatoon athlete breaks world record 
StarPhoenix, Canada - 2 hours ago
...five-kilometre Gilles Villeneuve Circuit in Montreal, the site of the annual Canadian Grand Prix F-1 race, Buisson broke the world record for inline skating in a ...

skatey-mark's picture

contest: Tour to Tanglewood Recruiting Challenge

This was announced some time ago on InlineNC - just thought I would remind everyone about it...

There is a "recruting challenge" underway for this year's Tour to Tanglewood. Prizes will go to the people that recruit the most new cyclists or skaters to the Roadskater.Net team. The prizes aren't anything life changing, just some small fun things. The number of prizes has not been determined yet (I may add more as I think of some, or come across some) but there are at least four right now, and probably will be more...

roadskater's picture

Tag Clouds Floating Above, Working Properly

The tag clouds are working properly (no duplicates!) and floating above us as we move through the site. I'm testing this setup and will be changing the look of some things as well over the next couple of days. Please feel free to send feedback via CREATE/SITE FEEDBACK.

skatey-mark's picture

Sports Anemia

Some might find this interesting...  Our story begins inthe spring of 2004...

I had gone in for a normal run-of-the-mill annual physical.  I felt fine, it had just been a couple years since I had a checkup...  No big deal.  Well, I got a phone call from my doctor's office a few days later saying my white blood cell count was a little low, and I should go see a specialist about it.  Now, at the time I felt absolutely fine, so I figured the blood test was just a fluke and the person on the phone didn't seem terribly concerned, so I just let it go...

skatey-mark's picture

Skating Supplements

So...  I had a doctor's appointment today for an ongoing anemia issue.  (More on that in the next post...)  She knows I do a lot of endurance skating and has asked me before if I take any supplements...  We talked about it again today, and I told her again that I don't take anything.  We also talked about diet in general, and what I eat during events as well...  (She asked if I ate the sport gels, which I said yes, and then asked what was in them...  Yadda yadda yadda...)

timv's picture

TdF Blog: Floyd Landis to Have Hip Replacement After Tour

Floyd Landis, Number Two at Tour de France, Needs Hip Replacement
Outside Online, CA -
July 9, 2006 | Floyd Landis, the American rider currently in second place in the Tour de France, will have replacement hip surgery following the Tour, reported Outside correspondent Daniel Coyle in a New York Times Magazine article that will appear on stands July 16. Landis has osteonecrosis, or bone death, a degenerative condition which causes severe pain as bone grinds against bone. But, according to the report, he plans to continue to compete after the surgery. ...

The article goes on to say that Landis's condition is the result of a hip fracture suffered in a training crash in California in 2003. This same condition, also referred to as avascular necrosis, also led football/baseball player Bo Jackson to need a hip replacement. Reportedly, Landis does expect to continue his competitive cycling career after the surgery.

roadskater's picture

Check out the new Tanglewood Training Ride Polls

Check out the polls asking your favorite and least favorite Tour to Tanglewood training rides. These polls only include current rides (sorry Tim), so none of us get to vote against the worst moment ever at a Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride, the delayed by corporate ceremonies event at a now defunct bike shop in Greensboro. Here are the links: 

skatey-mark's picture

What do you carry when skating?

A bit of an open question, but I was just curious what people take with them when skating outdoors...  For me, it definitely depends on the type of skate, but I can narrow it down to a few different types:

roadskater's picture

Atlanta Athens Passenger Train Talk

Here's a place to talk about the possibilities of a passenger train service from downtown Atlanta to downtown Athens, Georgia. Dubbed the "Brain Train" by some, this would be a great addition to the commuting possibilities for people wanting to get away from driving their cars, opting for a method of transit that leaves their minds, hands and eyes free to read, use a computer, enjoy the scenery or just take a nap! Please join and contribute what you know on this great topic, and I'll be building some content as well when I am able!

skatey-mark's picture

BikeFest 2006 -- Hillsborough, NC

2006.08.12 7:30 am
2006.08.12 2:00 pm

BikeFest 2006:
11th Annual Rural Heritage Tour
August 12, 2006 --  8:00 am


Registration closes July 28th, last day to order t-shirts is July 14th!  Registration is also limited to 850 people...

roadskater's picture

Cycle NC: Share the Road North Carolina!

This is CycleNC.com, a place for anything related to Cycling in North Carolina, including favorite routes and events, efforts to share the road, create more greenways, and especially represent the sport through participating in charity efforts.

skatey-mark's picture

NCBC Summer Rally

2006.07.16 8:00 am
2006.07.16 2:00 pm

From http://www.ncbikeclub.org/calendar/century.htm ...

Sunday, July 16  -  8am

NCBC Summer Rally  62m, 42m, 20m

roadskater's picture

Sk8u.com Skate University Share Instruction and Coaching Tips

This is sk8u.com and it stands for Skate University. No we're not claiming to be a real university or anything like that, but we do love skating, and you can contribute to the world's knowledge, certified or not, official or not, about skating instruction for private lessons, group lessons, or as part of coaching individuals or teams, indoor or out, any kind of skating.

eebee's picture

Skweight Management - update

I need to put my 'weight-monitoring through skating' program on hold for now, because I have been suffering from a stomach ailment for a month and it shows no signs of letting up. Any weight change, especially loss, at this time is NOT going to represent weight loss from skating. I could post dramatic weight-losses and claim it's because of skating a little each day but that would be a complete lie.

timv's picture

Inline Skate Speed Boot Heat-Molding Results

After much research and comtemplation on the subject, I heat-molded my Hyper boots Tuesday night. It was my first heat-molding experience, and I rejected Hyper's suggested method of using a kitchen oven at 200°F. I didn't like the idea of softening all the carbon in the boot when I only wanted to reshape the heel cup area. And I also didn't like the idea that the whole boot could collapse in a molten heap if left in the oven too long at that temperature, which seemed to be a risk of that method.

roadskater's picture

Ken's Bike Shop T2T Training Ride Preview Notes

here are some notes on the ken's training ride as experienced in years from 2001 to last year. we're not sure about this year's route because ken's bike shop has moved, so if anyone finds out, please reply here and on InlineNC if you will.

ken's ride has always (for me) started in reynolda village in winston salem. the route went through a trail into wake forest university. this was beautiful unless wet, then slick especially for those of me that don't pay enough attention always. then it was a right uphill and over down moderately left turn through houses of professors and such, then up through part of the campus by waite chapel, right past soccer fields, right out of the uni and briefly onto a moderately busy road quickly onto 2-lane roads.

timv's picture

Tour de France live map tracking, and some photos

Coupla fun TdF links...

These folks have combined Google Maps with GPS and heart rate data to create a live Tour de France tracker. It'll be interesting to see how it works while the race is on.

roadskater's picture

Tour de France News Section Added: Blog This

Throughout the duration of the 2006 Tour de France, the news section on the left sidebar will have a "Tour de France" subsection.

As with all the news items, members will see a blue block with a white "b" in it beside the title. Click the blue block to blog about the article. It's a pretty easy way to look at the TdF news and comment.

roadskater's picture

Tour de France 2006

Here's a quick note to start us out on TdF. What a sad state sports are in, and what an awful deal for the innocent, if there are any, and I'm sure there are. I think the tdf will still be great without the top five from last year, and I have not much worry over cheaters getting punished, but there was no way to have due process in this case it seems. I don't know if it's better to let the riders ride then strip them of their prize if found guilty, or to do as the teams agreed, remove anyone under investigation. Seems that Vino got an especially bad deal, if he hasn't been doing anything, as he's not even charged but lost enough team members to not have a team, as I understand it.

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