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October 2010

roadskater's picture

Celebrate Good Times Or Maybe Push to the Finish

Don't read the link too carefully before you click or...OK it is hopeless to see the video without knowing what happened. But you can see how it happened. This happened to me at a2a once. I ended up losing by 4 hours 20 minutes! http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/sports/12652-colombian-skater-c... Other interesting notes from the same event... http://usarollersports.org/news/2010/10/27/road-craziness-leads-to-medal... "There is also a cliff that was just beyond a wall after one of the chicanes." Photos:


World Roller Speed Skating Championships Guarne, Antioquia
6° 16' 51.6108" N, 75° 26' 35.214" W

Roadskater.net 2010 Jersey for Trade or Sale...Now Traded


I have one of the 2010 yellow sleeveless jerseys that I would like to trade. I am looking for a medium in any color or style to trade. It has never been worn--I tried it on and felt it was too snug so it was put in the drawer.

[Update 1 from tap135:] I will also sell the jersey if you have no jersey to trade.

[Update 2 from tap135:] Ok, the Jerseys has been traded.



northinsouth's picture

I'm fat but I can still skate 90.3 miles

Well saturday morning came quickly.  After tanglewood i kept telling myself, just loose 10lbs, that will make it a little easier.  But with Bobbi being stressed from school and work, the junk food kept coming in and we kept eating out.  I have no will power.  So with less then 300 miles in over the summer, including tanglewood, I told myself I was going to finish the Carolina Century.  I had all my stuff ready, checked my beat up old skates, they seemed to roll alright.  Thanks to Blake, I at least had wheels that were half decent.

skatey-mark's picture

Ibuprofen and athletes - recent studies yield some surprising results

People that know me know that I don't think twice about popping some ibuprofen ("vitamin i") before, after, and during events.  While ibuprofen is generally considered pretty safe, I was curious about any side effects from long-term use, or use during endurance events.

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Athens to Atlanta 2010 Roadskater’s Report: Always an Epic Struggle Before During and After A2A

We passed a church about 20 miles in, whose sign spoke brilliantly for the day and our group taking the epic journey: THE HARVEST IS RIPE. BUT THE NUMBERS ARE FEW. What joy in seeing our friends...if for sweet bright flashes only...what flickering sadness in those not there...with a breath cloud of sorrow for some we never quite had time to closely know, who can never be with us again, mixed with happiness to be so lucky to miss them.  


Classic Center Theatre
300 N Thomas Street
Athens, Georgia
United States
33° 57' 36.36" N, 83° 22' 21.36" W
Piedmont Park
14th Street at Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 16.2924" N, 84° 22' 29.1504" W
eebee's picture

A2A 2010. Shoulda Woulda Coulda! Eebee's Athens to Atlanta Roadskate Inline Skate Report


For the majority of my past eleven A2As, I have set the goal of enjoying those bizarre 87 miles, to skate to the finish line happily and healthily, and never to be the paceline charity case. This year I fell far short of those ideals.


Classic Center, Athens, GA Athens, Georgia
United States
33° 57' 20.8872" N, 83° 22' 56.5176" W
Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA
12th Street
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 5.3376" N, 84° 23' 12.5088" W
johnnyChen's picture

A2A 52-mile 2010: Race with Friends Johnny Chen's Athens to Atlanta 2010 Report

I planned to skip 2010 A2A to focus on Texas Time Trial.  The cycling training went down the toilet because of work.  I did the minimum preparation to skate A2A.  It’d be another nice skate with friends.  I would go hard for 38 miles then stroll to Atlanta like 2009.

I checked the confirmed list and didn’t find the right group to skate with.  I was unlikely to have the speed to hang with the chase group for 38 miles.  I saw John Charbonneau and Monique on the 52-mile roster and decided to skate with them.


United States
roadskater's picture

Eleven Fluffy Reasons to Sort of Consider These Seven Dorky Sports: Inline Skating Beats Hula Hooping

OK I made the 11 number up, and it is just to mock all the titles on health.com and so many websites, including this one sometimes, ha!

Did I say dorky? Why yes, I did, but I only meant that this is how rowlurblayding (rollerblading for you search engines out there) is presented in the little media coverage we get (except maybe that for the Northshore Inline Marathon, which seems to get great, serious, fun stories each year).

Here's a little fluff mentioned on the Pegasus Flyers inline skating (roadskating) list:

roadskater's picture

Free High School Science & Mathematics Texts to Download; Calculus Made Easy; Ubuntu Debian Linux for Old PCs; Free Courseware

Just a quick note here on a project that deserves some skateylove for several reasons. I was poking around looking for a lightweight version of Ubuntu that might also have a live cd so I could try before installing. I looked around at various other flavors of Debian and Linux, I came across the Free High School Science Texts website at http://www.fhsst.org/

skatey-mark's picture

Athens to Atlanta 2010 Report: Skatey-Mark's A2A Inline Skate Event Journal


This was an usual year for me, as I was more unsure than usual about how well I would do.  I didn't feel like I had trained enough, or at least hadn't done enough of the right training.  I was a little heavier than I would have liked.  I had had a few dissatisfying skates over the summer where I had struggled to complete 60 miles.

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