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Are You Trying to Ruin My Cycling Career? Most Careers Pay Money

roadskater's picture

For cyclotics and skatemaniacs, if you can handle a bit of funny bad language. Someone has read your minds and seen your relationships and conversations.

I relate to the part about driving many miles to roll a few. If life is not funny right now, check these out...holiday choices...

I also laughed at the one where he talks about making the movies. "It seriously took five hours. so it's not like I was unproductive or anything. I just was not producing anything worthwhile."

I hope I am not the only one who relates to some of this!

So if you want to make some movies without hiring a crew or bothering with talent, check out http://xtranormal.com. It's not like you'll be unproductive or anything.


timv's picture

I think you are being serious

I can do 2 watts per kilo more than a normal adult. I deserve special treatment.
eebee's picture

Climbing like a cat 3 track sprinter

Is there any way they could postpone the meal until after mid-December, when I start doing base again?
MikeB's picture

Did you not see my picture on page 57?

It was a pro race and I came in the sixties, low sixties, almost in the fifties. I am an elite bike racer. I get cold easily, as I have no body fat or body hair. You are an infant. Get out of my house. Oh, F... ROTFLMFAO

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