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Argh! You're not fat - you have 'metabolic syndrome'

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Well, the latest attack against personal responsibility is underway...  Now the pharmaceutical companies have coined a new 'illness' for doctors to diagnose:  'metabolic syndrome'...  I guess calling people fat doesn't sell as many pills...


Maybe we should try to market skating as an All-Natural Cure for Metabolic Syndrome...


Here's the article, although I only read the first page before I got disgusted and quit...



- SM -



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I have (fill in the) syndrome

Hey! This could be a tension-relieving way to poke fun at one's own inadequacies (c'mon c'mon! We all have them)...


Mark: You're on to something. You should definitely write a book!


I would do it, but I think I have Dysmotivational Syndrome, which pertains to my inherent laziness and chronic lack of focus. Wait, isn't that Attention Deficit Disorder?  



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Dr. Phil-in-the-Blank

OK, I used to be a grouchy old bastard. Now I have Attitude Polarity Reversal Syndrome. When do I get my f****** pills?
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I Asked My Doctor

I like to sit on the porch and throw empty beer bottles at passing cars and pedestrians. I used to be a sociopathic idiot. Now I have Projectile Dysfunction.


Fat vs. Metabolic Syndrome


 At first I thought it was odd that you would link an article to your post, but then upon reading, I completely understood.  As someone who has struggle with a 25 lb. weight fluctuation,  I always knew that it was my choice to eat or not to eat; my choice to eat wisely or poorly; my choice to exercise or not.  My choice, my choice, my choice . . .

 Call it fat, Metabolic Syndrome, or my choice . . .


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