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Armstrong, Landis, LeMond, Andreu, Fear

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I won't provide a summary here now, but this article from the mercury news is a somewhat detailed summary of the court case where Armstrong was put under scrutiny to adjudicate the matter of a five million dollar bonus earned by winning a particular Tour de France. The article has many insights, and relative to the Landis matter, food and drink control seem like really important issues to cover if you want to avoid any possibility of sabotage. I don't know how easy it would be to spike a rider, but I'm interested now aplenty. The article specifically notes how upset Landis was about doped cyclists, and also points to the "blue cooler" which Armstrong says was his protected food and drink. There's a climate of fear, most definitely, and some of this is fear of Armstrong, justified or not. It's interesting, however, how many people came out to cast aspersion on Armstrong, but that the case essentially says there's no proof the bonus should not be paid. Who knows what it all means with respect to Floyd, but his reputation sure was good on this subject, for what that is worth. Here's a link to a worthwhile article if you find Lance Armstrong an interesting topic:




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