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Artem wins Northshore Inline 2009 Open Class

dtg's picture

All I can say is - WOW!  Congrats Artem!  Your hard work has paid off!  That is a real inspiration and a tribute to what hard work, discipline, and some strategy can do.  A first place finish at Northshore, out of over 2,000 participants, just below elite, is an accomplishment few can say they have achieved.


I saw Artem last night and he gave me the full scoop.  Maybe there is a blog entry coming from Artem?  ;-)


skart's picture

No NY100K or A2A for me this

No NY100K or A2A for me this year. My foot pain is still haunting me and, although, I am up to 3 hours of continuous skating right now, it is still a few hours short of what I need to be able to do for either of those events :-)
eebee's picture

Sad to hear that!

I was wondering how the ATT test skate went, Skart! Sorry to hear it didn't pass the test for A2A this year.
roadskater's picture

Hope the Foot Pain Improves

Hey skart. Ouch! Hard to imagine winning (period) with foot pain like that (especially). We have a beautiful 31-mile route and especially beautiful 51- or 102-milers at Carolina Century October 24. We also have wonderful volunteering opportunities for all o'y'all folks. Not meaning any pressure, just a big welcome and we can use you if you want to be used. Volunteers who sign up for Tour to Tanglewood 2010 get donations based on the hours donated. (No need to answer me here publicly, or privately, anyone, and not meaning to call out skart on any of this!) Mainly I'm just thinking about winning Northshore in pain. Well I guess there's always pain if you win, but in addition to that pain, foot pain! Yikes!
roadskater's picture

Better late than never, dtg

It's great that you felt such happiness over skart's most excellent feat, and thanks for posting it! I'd say the fellow deserves many mentions of this achievement. Did he go to NY100K I wonder? We saw him not at Tanglewood, though missed him (and dtg and others) we did. Right you are young skatewalker, I know.
skatey-mark's picture

Yep - Artem's awesome!

You're a little late to the party... ;-) http://roadskater.net/skart-wins-northshore-inline-marathon-open-division - SM -

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