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Athens to Atlanta A2A Skate History Project

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This is the Athens to Atlanta History Project, where we hope to gather stories from the actual days of the event over the years. At first, this will be for 2006, I'm sure, but we want your stories from any year you can remember! Please add your story by joining the site, then blogging or adding your post to the AthensToAtlanta.com forum. Once you've written your story, if a book exists for that year, just use the Outline tab to Select "Athens to Atlanta A2A Skate History Project" as the "parent." If there's no chapter set up for the year about which you wish to write, no worries. Just write your piece and I'll make a chapter for that year. Regardless, your contribution is important, and I'll edit and categorize as needed. Thanks and skateylove, Blake
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