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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate A2A 2007 Inline Skate Photos

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The Athens to Atlanta Roadskate took place on October 7, 2007, and it was a warm day especially for those not in the lead group. Temperatures in the upper 60s even an hour and a half into the event quickly rose from 70 at 9 am to 80 in ATL by 1 pm, five and a half hours along. For those finishing later, temps rose to 82 and stayed there until all finishers were through.

Check out my photos here:


Winds were favorable (from ENE) at 7mph with a bit of a burst of assistance for those finishing around noon--the lead pack--peaking at 11mph before returning to about 7mph or more. This may be in part a factor in the new women's record of 4:41:40 or 18.5 mph average. However, the men did not break the record and were well off it, at 4:30:56 (19.3 mph). The gap is closing, ladies! Some day maybe we can have a gender-free awards ceremony!

A special shout out goes to DeKalb County Police who won the Roadskater.net best intersection coverage award, but were followed closely and surprisingly by the Atlanta Police, often missing in action in years past. This year, the provided incredible best-ever coverage at Little Five Points (which now should be called Little Three and a Half Points now that Euclid has been diverted on the southwest side, and the road formerly known as Seminole is a cafe sidewalk named Gregory L Davis Plaza NE). There was coverage at Highland & E. Freedom but strangely Virginia was left alone again.

Gwinnett County Police get the doughnut award for sitting in their cars more than any other group, though there were nice exceptions, and we appreciated them being there regardless. They were super at Pleasant Hill Road, and we got no nastiness from any motorists there that I can recall because of the presence there.

We never saw Barrow for our wheels, but thanks to the police in Athens for getting us underway nicely, and to all but one motorist out of a 7 hour 39 minute day for wonderful encouragement and courtesy!


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