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Athens-to-Atlanta Roadskate A2A 2010 Inline Road Skate Rollerblading Ultra Marathon

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2010.10.03 7:30 am

Sign up until 11.59 PST today (tax day special, April 15th 2010) at Active.com, or print out a mail-in form to do A2A for *$50* (all distances: 38, 52, 87).

UPDATE 4/16/2010 - Active.com registration is still open through today, April 16th, because there were reports of technical problems. So you can still sign up through active for $50 today. But then that's it.

See the below active.com link for more info on the pricing schedule:http://www.active.com/more-sports/athens-ga/a2a-athens-to-atlanta-road-skate-presented-by-k2-2010Otherwise here's the mail in form link:http://www.a2a.net/entryform/2010form.pdf(needs today's post mark which you can maybe achieve through an automated stamp machine in the post office lobby)Roadskater and I signed up today, I think Skatey-Mark signed up a few days ago. Who's next?! :-)I first did this event in 1999 after learning how to inline skate four months earlier! I have taken part every year since, with the exception of 2001 (broken foot bone), but manned a rest-stop instead and had an absolute blast doing so. Weekend activities include the police-escorted Friday Night Skate (bring your rec skates, helmet, blinkies, pads and a brake!), and a light daytime Athens skate on Saturday. Don't miss Henry's Rant on Saturday evening where you can either size up the competition, estimate their weaknesses or beg someone to skate with you the whole way - and then forget your promise and drop them for good at the start line...Go on! Sign up! See you there :-)


United States
33° 57' 34.6104" N, 83° 22' 23.0844" W


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Please Sign Up as a ROADSKATER.NET Team Member

Hi to all. I wanted to reiterate that we would love for ROADSKATER.NET (all caps if it'll let you do it) as your team when you register for skating, cycling, walking or other events...or the first or one of your teams...as long as you like what we are trying to do on here. There's no fee or process required, although it helps a lot to join the website of course (and post!).

Some of us are from North Carolina but it is not intended as a localized team...it's for the universe of skaters who want it to be theirs. If that's you, come on and skate or bike some charity events with or while representing us. It just takes a little bit of skateylove. Sorry you don't get prizes to be on the team, or not ones that cost anything! Represent roadskating with love to people of good will. We try; sometimes fail; try again.

Also, listing us as your team helps the website get some traffic so we can help other people start roadskating, or continue it, or learn about it and the charity events we do...A2A, Tour to Tanglewood, Carolina Century, Tour de Lions, Tour de Kale, many more.

Also it is a special thrill to see that so many of you skate A2A and other events in your ROADSKATER.NET jerseys from the past five years. Thank you! Even if I forget to mention it, this is very important to me, and makes the work and worry over colors and fabric worthwhile.

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Here's the link again

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