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Athens to Atlanta Travel, Logistics

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For those new to A2A, there are a couple different approaches to the weekend.  Which approach you take depends on a couple things:  1) How you are travelling (car or plane) and 2) if you want to do the Friday Night Skate or not.


Approach #1:  Driving to Atlanta on Friday and doing the Friday Night Skate

  1. If Athens is on your way to Atlanta, you will probably want to stop there before contintuing to Atlanta.
    • This lets you check into your hotel and drop off the bags you will need for the weekend, so that you don't have to take them back to Athens after the skate.
    • If Athens isn't on the way, don't worry about it...
  2. Upon arriving in Atlanta, find a place to park your vehicle -- best place is at the hotel you'll be staying on Sunday night after the race.  This should be someplace near Piedmont Park, which is also near the start of the Friday Night Skate.
  3. Leave a bag in your vehicle that contains your clothes and anything else you'll want after the race.  DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN THERE THAT YOU'LL NEED WHILE IN ATHENS!  You're leaving your car and the bag in Atlanta for the weekend.  Leaving the bag there isn't completely necessary, but it's less stuff for you to haul back & forth.
  4. Go to the Friday Night Skate.  If you did not stop in Athens on your way, take all your luggage for Athens with you to the FNS.  They'll have a truck for you to put it in while you skate.
  5. After the FNS, get on the bus with all your bags & skates and ride to Athens.  (Make sure you sign up for the Friday Night Bus when you register!)
  6. Stay in Athens Friday & Saturday nights...  Make sure you get a hotel that's reasonable walking/skating distance from the convention center and restaurants.
  7. Sunday morning -- check out of hotel and take all bags to the A2A start.  There will be another gear truck there that takes your bags to the finish line.
  8. Skate A2A.
  9. Pick up bags at finish line.  If you're doing the 38-mile route, take the bus to Atlanta.
  10. Get any other bags you have out of your parked car and check into your hotel room in Atlanta.  (Should be walking distance from the A2A finish line.)
  11. Stay in Atlanta Sunday night
  12. Drive home Monday


Approach #2:  Flying into Atlanta and doing the Friday Night Skate

Same as approach #1, except you obviously won't be stopping in Athens on the way.  You'll need to get from the airport to the FNS start. 

Depending on the flight schedules, you might be able to fly home Sunday night and save yourself some money.  But then you'd miss out on all the post-race celebrating.

You'll obviously need to get from Piedmont Park to the airport (or from your hotel to the airport) on Sunday/Monday.


Approach #3:  Driving on Saturday (no FNS), staying in Athens on Sunday

  1. Drive straight to Athens, check into hotel, etc
  2. Stay in Athens Saturday night
  3. Sunday:  checkout of hotel, leave car in parking deck near A2A start
  4. Take a bag with a change of clothes (and shoes) to the A2A start and put it on the gear truck
  5. skate A2A
  6. after finish retrieve bag.  if skating 38-miles, take bus to atlanta
  7. find someone with a hotel room and get cleaned up
  8. after awards, take bus back to athens (make sure you sign up for the bus when you register)
  9. stay in athens sunday night
  10. drive home monday

Approach #4:  Driving on Saturday (no FNS), stay in Atlanta on Sunday

  • Same as approach #3, but you need to make sure that the bag you put on the gear truck has everything you need for sunday & monday.   (approach 3, step 4)
  • Stay in Atlanta on Sunday, in a hotel near Piedmont Park
  • You'll need a way to get from Atlanta to Athens on Monday so that you can retrieve your car.  You'll have to arrange that yourself ahead of time.  Hopefully you can find someone driving back in that general direction that has room in their car.


There are certainly other permutations, but these are probably the most common.  The important things to remember are the gear trucks, and what you need to take with you versus what you can leave behind.   More information is on the A2A website, in particular on the "schedule" page:  http://www.a2a.net/schedule/schedule.htm


If I forgot anything obvious, or I'm wrong about any of this, please feel free to reply to this topic with the correct information... 


- SM - 

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