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Athens Twilight Gambler 2007

eebee's picture
2007.04.28 10:00 am
2007.04.28 4:27 pm

Ease into your A2A Georgia Hilly country road training with a 31 mile event on April 28th! Skaters have been welcome in past years to the Athens Gambler portion of the Athens Twilight event. For more info, and an email address to verify skaters are still welcome:


The Gambler is a bike tour of the countryside surrounding Athens, which passes by a ranch built by Kenny Rogers, hence the name. At each rest stop you pick up a playing card. At the end of the ride/skate, you are up to see what you have won with your 'hand'. In years past there have been wonderful and numerous prizes. There is also a 62 mile option for those who kept themselves in shape since last A2A.

For photos on Gamblers past, check out...



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