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Atlanta Athens Passenger Train Talk

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Here's a place to talk about the possibilities of a passenger train service from downtown Atlanta to downtown Athens, Georgia. Dubbed the "Brain Train" by some, this would be a great addition to the commuting possibilities for people wanting to get away from driving their cars, opting for a method of transit that leaves their minds, hands and eyes free to read, use a computer, enjoy the scenery or just take a nap! Please join and contribute what you know on this great topic, and I'll be building some content as well when I am able!


Please remember that this section is for any information on getting from Athens to Atlanta or vice versa via train, bus, car, including routes that use MARTA or not, and including shuttles from the ATL airport to downtown Athens. Also suitable are discussion of getting to places around Atlanta, particularly Stone Mountain or any of the cities around Atlanta. The goal here is to help people get between these two cities economically and as environmentally considerate as possible.  

The forum topics are here:


If you're looking for information on the Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, please register at http://a2a.net and join us back here at http://AthensToAtlanta.com to talk it over.

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