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Atlanta Becomes a Huge Ice Skating Grid...for Tractor Trailers and Automobiles

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Wow. It looks pretty nasty down there in downtown Atlanta. Check out the brightcove link below for the original video, but I'm updating this to include some video of a woman someone skating on the streets of Atlanta (near Georgia Tech I believe, where we've roadskated on wheels), inspired by eebee's posts below. Here's the brief roadskating video of a different sort...with figure skates, no less... 


Along with sections of interstate closed by tractor trailers jack-knifed across the road, there's apparently solid ice downtown at major intersections...


Can you say Monday night skate?


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Freezing Drizzle

Right! And yeah, it's not *that* much snow. But it is that much ice! Here's a small pic of about half the tractor-trailers caught in a 9-truck pile-up on I-75:

Photo from Atlanta snow and ice January 11, 2010 WSB-TV

On the news, one of those trucks slid into the wrecked ones on camera. Bleeps ensued.

Some kids were filmed playing hockey in the street. 

The Accuweather forum is a good place to check if there's severe weather headed your way. Many obsessed people interpreting tables, models and data and posting their observations. I obsessed along with many of them on this storm. After the drama of a three day forecasting-rollercoaster, what we got here in North Georgia is what the NWS had forecast all along, give or take two hours! 

I feel for any unsuspecting travelers passing through Atlanta last night and early this morning. If they didn't listen to the radio or have access to TV, internet, or didn't think to check the warning zones on a weather map, they were probably among those stuck on the main arteries that are now mostly closed: I-285, I-85, I-75, and I-20. 

The video Roadskater links to should be enough of a visual of the road surfaces here. Stay awaaaay!

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Great by-stander video from Oz

Not totally relevant to this thread, but along the lines of 'big weather putting it all in perspective'...

The BBC has the longest version I have found of this video. Watch cars be washed away in the current floods in Toowoomba, Australia. Not the sort of thing I seek out on the web but find it noteworthy. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a video might save your life if you watch this one and take flood warnings seriously in the future.

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Monday Night (Ice) Skate

You were right, Roadskater! Here are some clips of someone ice-skating down Peachtree last night. 


The skater in the video is quoted on 11alive.com: "I skated for about an hour while people walking by took video and drivers on the street were just confused."


Downtown drivers shouldn't be surprised to see skaters on Peachtree. I can hear about 20 APRR members rolling their eyes right about now ;-).

After easing some cabin-fever today and walking around outside some, I can see how it would have been thick enough ice yesterday for skating. 

Yeah. Not driveable!

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