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Autobahn skateboader hits 60+mph in downhill skate stunt

MikeB's picture

You'll be amazed at how smooth skateboarding on the Autobahn at 60+mph can be!

check it out for yourself  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piIpz1tewEg  , one pebble, one twig, and this ride would have ended much differently.

I can't imagine how fast an inline skate stuntperson could go.  Faster perhaps?


roadskater's picture

Wearing out the Soles

Many unanswered questions here, like I wonder how fast he was going and how he affords left shoes for stopping from that speed. Looks like he maybe has bigger wheels, eh? I note they blacked out the license plates on the front of the support car. I wonder if they'll catch these people and if so, will they shake their hands and get their autograph or write them a ticket and get their autograph! Good deal he is wearing a full-face helmet and protective clothing!

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