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Back in the Group Loop: Greensboro Country Park Tuesday Night Inline Skate

Jack's picture

Just a brief note to say how wonderful it was to be skating again. I was away due to acute lack of inspiration and laziness as opposed to having a real reason. Bottom line: no excuses.

Teamed up with Blake, Tim, and Andrew at Country Park in Greensboro on Tues. eve and it was wonderful. Everytime I leave for a while and come back, I always wonder why I ever did, leave that is. We all did 7 or 8 laps, talked skating, Garmin 305s, various park attractions, and all the other things that make for endorphin induced grins.

It was like I had never left, that's the best part of skating friends like I have here in Greensboro. Always supportive, never questioning. Looking forward to the next time very soon.


[Jack's original title was "Back in the Group Loop." Much nicer, but we're hoping people will find our Tuesday Night No-Drop Skate in Greensboro Country Park, so I enhanced the title a bit. --roadskater]


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roadskater's picture

Sweet Having Jack Back and Andy at Toozdeh Noit Skate

Yo, Jack, you said it. This was a fun time and the folk who are used to seeing only one or two were doubletaking our pack of four (too bad eebee and northinsouth and northinsouthjr couldn't be there). It was a nice moderate pace that left for lots of chat and tech talk of frames, wheels, GPS (the autolap feature of the Forerunner 305 may have sold Jack...I fully expected him to run out that night to get one). It's amazing how much easier laps go by when distracted from the internal dialogue that exists otherwise when I'm solo. Hope to see you again in the park, Jack, and maybe on the road if you like.
eebee's picture

Hey Jack!

Good to read you again! Glad you and the others got to skate together. Hope to skate with you too, soon.
northinsouth's picture

Great to hear that you are

Great to hear that you are back to skating Jack. And that is really funny because as Bobbi, Avery and I were driving up to Canada, I said to her, "I really need to call Jack and see what he is up to." Anyways hope to get up with you soon to skate or just chat. Craig
roadskater's picture

Glad You Made it to Safely to Ottawa

Ha! Sweet flag of Canada on your post! Thanks for posting from your homeland! It's exciting to see that flag. Andy was out today, Jack is back on wheels a bit, and with you and Avery on the bike we might make a decent showing at some training rides (in terms of numbers if not speed).

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