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Beginner Road Skate in RTP -- July 15th @ 10:00 am

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Okay - based on the results I've seen so far, everyone has voted for RTP, and noone has voted for Elon. (Although I was leaning a bit towards Elon, truth be told...)


Anyway, we'll plan on doing the "Sunday morning" route, maybe with a slight change to make it a little easier (cut out a couple hills maybe...)


We start at the Greenwood Commons shopping center, directions are available on the TSC website:


Let's plan on rolling at 10:00 am -- so get there maybe 15-20 minutes early so you can have your skates on and be ready to go.


Things you will need:

  • helmet (required), other padding is optional but encouraged
  • water/sports drink... We can probably work a "rest stop" into the route to refill. Camelbak-type systems are encouraged (available at Dick's, REI, etc) or just get one of the waist-mounted water bottle holders and a large water bottle.


Things you might want, but are optional:

  • an energy bar in case you need it
  • sunscreen
  • cellphone

I'm estimating that the skate will take 2 - 2.5 hours, depending on the pace and number of stops. Skating on the road typically goes a little faster than on the trail, since you don't have to stop as many times at the cross-streets... But this will be a slow leisurely skate... No speedy stuff...


Afterward, we can go grab some lunch nearby (either at 55/54 or SouthPoint.) I'll probably be doing a leisurely skate of the ATT (American Tobacco Trail) with someone else after lunch, so anyone interested can come along for that too.


Please reply here if you're going to be there. Also, if the time on Saturday is bad, let me know... But it sounds like 10am was okay for everyone so far...


-SM -

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