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Beware of Dogs NYC Walkers, Runners, Skaters, Cyclists, 9pm to 9am

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Of course you already are on the lookout between 9am and 9pm (and the rest of the day), but now there's extra good reason. I have no dog in this fight, as I have no dog any more and have not been hanging in the city of late, but I've been afraid of dogs off the leash before of course. My typical reaction is to say "hey puppy" in a helium voice a la Broadway Danny Rose no matter how big the dog.

My only dog-related accident came when I passed a self-obsessed walker wearing headphones and walking her dog on a 30-foot expanding leash on the far left of a one-way road in a campground. A pup on the right side of the road did a "come hither" and the dog on the left did, blocking my path. I should have just rolled on and let the dog strangle but I tried to avoid the leash and fell, hitting the back of my head (yes I was wearing a helmet but still had a power headache). The dog owners were completely unconcerned about me, preferring to "Are you OK, Fluffy?" and "Are you OK, Beefstick?" I don't think they meant me, as they were petting their non-human pretend-offspring as I lay in the road briefly in pain. Ha! This doesn't make me more likely to want dogs off-leash, but on a six-foot leash instead.

I have to say that while I empathize with the desire to let dogs run free, I think Wyoming is probably mostly available for that, and to live in New York City one makes choices. NYC may not be the best place to go if you are one of those who think your dog is your son or daughter and is mentioned in the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We're having enough trouble with human rights already without establishing human rights for pampered pets. :o) Again, I love dogs! Cats, not so much! And I'd like to think that dog owners know best, but I'm not sure that is true now, were it ever.

Also, the hours might be a bit broad...maybe 11pm to 6am is more appropriate?

I owned a dog that never should have been anywhere unleashed. I was never able to overcome the damage done by the folk from whom I adopted him. Just let a tall guy come by in a baseball cap and he was like the Velcro rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Perhaps they could have a rule that if you can outrun your dog in a 100-yard dash, you get to have them off the leash...something like that. Still I used to own a dog that never wanted to quit playing, so when we'd go back inside I'd have to pretend he had the football and I didn't. It took awhile to catch him usually, and he loved this of course!

Imagine one of the large dogs so much in vogue now coming after you in a city park in the dark! Yikes! Good luck skaters!

Also, when it comes to propaganda, I note the phrasing here:

Almost 13,500 comments regarding the issue were submitted to the Board of Health. Of that amount, more than 13,000 were in support of the off-leash hours, while only 200 vehemently opposed it.

So in a well-done survey, there was likely no middle or 50/50 choice, but something like:

  • strongly disagree
  • mildly disagree 
  • mildly agree
  • strongly agree

The article, at least, makes it sound like they're comparing all the positives against only the strongly negatives. It's even worse if there were six possible answers somehow, like if they were to have added "vehemently agree" and "vehemently disagree." I guess that means it was 1300 to 500 for and against, which is still a preponderance, but I wonder if non-dog-owners were equally sampled here. Better still of course would be a random sampling.

Here's the article:

Enjoy. Blake

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