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Bicycle Toy and Hobby Sales Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride 2008 Photos Speed Map and Topo Thumbnails

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Bicycle Toy & Hobby Sales gaves us a great skate and ride last weekend, even considering some rough road (not the worst gatorback by far, but not as great as the rest) on the spur out to and around Abbotts Creek. We had nice skaters, 4 veterans of T2T and 5 who have yet to experience the glorious weekend...but most plan to.

Mike brought along new skater, Steve (hope I got that right), and we saw Ken S again (we last saw him at T2T and he's a vet of at least 2 tours. Craig's in his 10th T2T as am I this year (he rode the bike at least one of those days, cheater! jk.). Jack did the 3rd tour with us I believe, and we're happy he's going with us again this year. Also at the ride were Kim and Amy who are in for the tour, and AnrewinNC, who's definitely committed to the fundraising and I hope will join us for the big days out if things work out. Steve signed up on the spot after 39 miles, and I'm hoping Mike will find a way too, if possible. Unfortunately for us, eebee and others couldn't make it this time.

BT&HS is one of the shops most committed to the T2T training rides and they provide extra treats and packet pickup for the tour too. Since it's in High Point, a lot of the Spinergy team (what I still call them) show up, as do plenty of first-timers, plus lots of riders and skaters who meant to do earlier training rides but couldn't.

You can tell when a shop really cares when they provide an extra rest stop and it is fully stocked with at least water and gatorade and open until every rider or skater is past that point on the course. They do this for the few, but the few who need it the most, and who are most important to the tour, the sport, and ultimately to bike shops...the slow are typically the future of the sport, and if they're not new, they are likely to bring other new participants. Bicycle Toy & Hobby Sales had an extra stop that was not too far from the Horneytown Volunteer Fire Department stop, but it was important to those who did one or two or more loops in Abbotts Creek. When our group of skaters arrived, the stop had at least 3 volunteers and tons of great stuff. I saw a 64 oz. bottle of Gatorade in a flavor I had never had before and it entirely hit the spot. I filled up the Camelbak Flash-Flow and slurped the rest pronto! Yum! Thanks!

After the skride I went to lunch, then after lunch I went to the usual lunch with the Bicycle Response Team and other tour staff and volunteers. Valerie mentioned something the Fire Chief had mentioned to her about a skater or skaters who rolled in on the concrete floor there (not something we would have thought was a problem, but it turns out they put a special finish on that floor that is hard to maintain), so after a nice time hanging out with some great tour family (as Valerie puts it), I went over to the Hornerytown Fire Department to meet Chief Jack and learn more about it and apologize. What a nice guy! He was very kind and probably surprised I had heard about it, but seemed grateful for the visit. So all we need to remember is to take our skates off if we go in to use the restrooms there next time.

I think the stop at Abbots Creek Missionary Baptist Church had portables there, but I'm not sure. I remember that from training rides or tours past, methinks. And thanks to the church as well, for many times enjoying that awesome picnic shelter and the nice smooth parking lot too!

Here are links to my photos, speed topo map and google earth thumbnails for the Bicycle Toy & Hobby Sales 2008 Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride last weekend. We started with 9 and split into subgoups, one group of 5 doing the 39 miles or so together...the first time for 4 of them I think. I'll edit later but here are the links for now...

Enjoy! Roadskater


Bicycles Toy and Hobby Sales
High Point, North Carolina
United States
35° 58' 52.9788" N, 80° 1' 19.0704" W
Horneytown Volunteer Fire Station BT&HS T2T TR Rest Stop 1
102 Horneytown Road
High Point
United States
36° 1' 5.6892" N, 80° 3' 36.6228" W
Abbotts Creek Missionary Baptist Church BT&HS T2T TR Rest Stop 2
2817 Abbotts Creek Church Road http://abbottscreek.org
High Point, North Carolina
United States
36° 0' 14.7636" N, 80° 5' 8.934" W


Thanks for the pics!

Hi Blake - I just wanted to let you know that I sincerely appreciate the pics that you put up. It was exciting to see a pic of myself and I used 080823082538.jpg for my myspace page. I also got to see some photos of my friends from last year's TTT and of my friend D'Anne who died shortly after that. Thanks again for keeping the faith!! Love your pictures!! Jane Goeke
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Thanks for the Thanks

Thanks for taking the time to join and write. I'm glad you found some photos of someone dear who is still alive in photos, recordings and others' lives. Please do us all the favor of writing now and then about your cycling and other exercise experiences, or life ones. If you can put up with Cliff, you can probably put up with us. Glad you like the photos enough for the myspace page! Do you know if there was a ride up on Air Harbor today, like a GVC thing? We did 51 out Lake Brandt, Haynes, Angell, Baggage, Bethany, Baker's Crossroads, Vaughn (I think), Sandy Cross, Woolen Store, Church, Air Harbor...on our skates. Our feet are hurting!

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