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BikeFest 2006 -- Hillsborough, NC

skatey-mark's picture
2006.08.12 7:30 am
2006.08.12 2:00 pm

BikeFest 2006:
11th Annual Rural Heritage Tour
August 12, 2006 --  8:00 am


Registration closes July 28th, last day to order t-shirts is July 14th!  Registration is also limited to 850 people...

Notes from Mark:

We've done this skride a couple times...  It's a nice one.


roadskater's picture

Registration Tarwheels Rural Heritage Tour Ends Today Aug 4 2006

Normally I might not post such a temporal item but this seems worth it. I looked at the Tarwheels site and there must be room for more, as online registration via credit card is still open throughout today, August 6, 2006. There's a 9 mile free ride (must register), a 20, 31, 62 and 100 for $25 each. Not sure I'll be able to commit, but wanted all to know about it, even though there's a free Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride that weekend, it is one I would not attend without knowing their route first, as they've been remiss in the past at this particular bike shop.

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