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clairem's blog

WANTED: Skaters in Myrtle Beach Area

I'm considering starting a recreational skate club in the Myrtle Beach area.  My tenative plan would be a weekly weekday early evening skate and a Saturday morning skate.  I'd hope to have a shorter route that could be repeated for newer skaters and then something extended beyond that for the more adventurous.  Saturday skates would be longer with perhaps one a month involving a drive to Charleston, Wilmington, or Southport, etc.

If you have an interest or any suggestions, holler!!!  I need help!!!


Philly Free Skate

Philadelphia is always a fun skate.  Today's 10AM "Philly Free Skate" led by Doug was no exception.  While this was my only skate of the weekend event, it was well worth my hour trip into the city.  I don't know how many skaters were there, but I met folks from DC to Canada.  NYC was well represented and always a pleasure to see.

Equipment: Men vs. Women-Wheels

Skates are primarily designed by men for men, and I have found a leading manufacturer that agrees with me.  Frames are super stiff; wheels are super hard.  A typical male skater has a few pounds on the average female skater.  Frames that flex sooner and wheels that are slightly softer are more apt to be friendlier to women.  We could also think of this in terms of skater weight rather than sex, and then we would need to take into account the actual strength of the push, etc.  Skater ability will always create even more variables as well as what each skater is able to tolerate in ter

Give Yourself a Brake...For Your Inline Speedskates

If you need a break, no, I mean a brake, perhaps Cado Motus has what you need.  The former Mogema company has a brake that's supposed to work with 80mm-to-110mm-wheel frames.  Personally, I haven't seen one of these yet, but on www.nettracing.com there are pictures with installation instructions.

Frames: Specs & Personal Preferences

Frames . . . so many changes, so many choices, but what makes a really good frame anyway?

When considering a new frame for myself, I attempted to study other skaters and why they skate on what they do.  Many talk about the weight of their frames.  Others talk about height, some wheel size, length, stiffness, etc.

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