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eebee's blog

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Time-Lapse Video of 3 Foot Snowfall

This holiday season's East Coast storm has been hazardous and beautiful. 

It was a nice 2-3" dusting for Georgia and Alabama, giving them a white Christmas evening for the first time since 1882. 

There are about 6" in the Winston-Salem area, 2" or so in Elizabeth City, and I heard there were 10" in Raleigh.

Anybody care to weigh in? How much snow did you get? What have you all been doing? Snowball fights, skiing, sledging/sledding/sleighing? 

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Roller-Journalism on CNN: Gary Tuchman in Haiti

There's a video on CNN's blogs about a journalist who skates around Haiti.

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How did the Minnesota Vikings' Metrodome Collapse?

Since the spectacular collapse of the Minnesota Vikings' stadium on Sunday morning (Dec 12th 2010), I have been itching to find out exactly what caused the teflon and fiberglass bubble to burst. Or rip.





Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome
900 South 5th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415
United States
44° 58' 26.0076" N, 93° 15' 29.2392" W
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Pure Snow Footage from the Beeb

There's nothing new about snow, but there might be something refreshing about a traditional news station's website showing a video blissfully void of journalistic interference. How perfect! What better way to depict a 'freshly fallen silent shroud of snow'? 


Great Britain
United Kingdom
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A2A 2010. Shoulda Woulda Coulda! Eebee's Athens to Atlanta Roadskate Inline Skate Report


For the majority of my past eleven A2As, I have set the goal of enjoying those bizarre 87 miles, to skate to the finish line happily and healthily, and never to be the paceline charity case. This year I fell far short of those ideals.


Classic Center, Athens, GA Athens, Georgia
United States
33° 57' 20.8872" N, 83° 22' 56.5176" W
Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA
12th Street
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 5.3376" N, 84° 23' 12.5088" W
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Inline Skating & Cycling Socks

The subject of suitable skate socks crops up occasionally in skate discussion groups. Honestly, I've been trying to replenish my skate-sock supply now for over a year. Whenever I find the perfect pair, that very make and model disappears off the face of the Earth a year or so later when I have worn and washed the life out of the old ones.


Performance Bicycle
Battleground Ave
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 336-790-5350
36° 7' 14.3544" N, 79° 50' 34.4868" W
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Great Customer Service from Anelace, Inc: Crystal Blue Powers of 2 BCD (Binary) Clock Repair


Roadskater gave me a Powers of 2 Crystal Blue BCD (binary) Clock, sold by Anelace, Inc. I finally got around to plugging it in and setting the time.


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Not-Quite-Atlanta to Not-Quite-Anniston: Another 94 miles on the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trails

Much like the night before the 2009 Carolina Century, I found myself sat bolt upright in bed at 3am on Sunday, worrying out loud about that day's inclement weather forecast, and our intention to skate 94 miles. Except this time I wasn't listening to the wind howl or acorns rattling on the roof, but wondering just how warranted the dangerous air quality forecast and excessive heat advisory were.

"We're all going to end up in the hospital!".


Smyrna, GA
Mavell Road Smyrna
Smyrna, Georgia
United States
33° 50' 28.6908" N, 84° 31' 4.0044" W
United States
33° 44' 29.2344" N, 85° 49' 0.1128" W
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Tour to Tanglewood Training Bike Ride Inline Skate July 24 2010 Cycle Therapy Lewisville NC

Roadskater and I skated about 34 miles at the Lewisville, NC Cycle Therapy Tour to Tanglewood training ride this weekend. I hadn't skated the majority of the roads on this route before, and was pleasantly surprised to find them relatively traffic-free. Even as we plodded back into town, there was only a minor amount of traffic, with no (audibly) angry drivers.


Cycle Therapy, Lewisville, NC
1347 Lewisville Clemmons Road
Lewisville, North Carolina 27023-9635
United States
36° 4' 41.916" N, 80° 23' 19.4424" W
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Teeccino! Kicking the Caffeine Habit with Alternative Decaffeinated Herbal Coffee Substitute

My journey through 28 days of caffeine rehab has led me to discover Teeccino as a viable coffee substitute. I aim to be completely caffeine-free/withdrawal symptom-free in about eight days' time.

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Brief Tour de Lions 2010 Report

This year's Tour de Lions was a hot 'n' bumpy one! Roadskater and I opted for the '40' mile option, which turned out to be 44 miles by my Garmin Forerunner 305. I thought those few rounds at Country Park were sufficient preparation for the Tour de Lions hills, but just like clockwork this May the Tour de Lions reminded me how far I have to go to be ready for A2A in October.
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Buying a New vs Used Car 2010: 0% Financing? Honda Civic LX; Hyundai Elantra GLS; Mazda Mazda3 i Touring; Toyota Corolla LE

After twelve years driving my 1998 Saturn SL with manual transmission, the poor thing finally died at about 240,000 miles. I have spent the past three months immersed in the car-buying process, having never gone through it entirely on my own before. About halfway through it I felt like a horizontal asymptote: forever approaching the point of zero but destined never to actually get there.

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Do Daily Calorie Expenditure Calculators Include your Training Workout or is it Additional?

Spring is here and I'm talking about calories again! It's way beyond time to try to shed some Winter flab, and as I conveniently forget my approximate daily caloric requirement each year, I run to the online daily calorie expenditure calculators. Inevitably I feel like I'm wasting my time and that nobody really knows how close those numbers are. I conclude that if I'm hungry I'm probably losing weight. 

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Speed Skater Apolo Ohno Training Article Video from Time

A nice little diversion for me from swimming in the shark-infested car dealership lots.

Apolo runs a mile to warm down.

Here's the vid, complete with obligatory techno background.

40 mph? Really?

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