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eebee's blog

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My skate route

I'm interested in descriptions of where people skate for their training, i.e. whether road, trail, track, parking lot/deck, hilly (if so, how hilly and how do we compare?), flat, loop distance, or if A-Z and back again, busy or not, hazards, typical weather conditions, etc. I don't own a gps yet so can't give any hill data on my skate places.

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Tegaderm - 8th day

About 6 Tegaderm patches later... I now finally see a pink loop around the wound. It still hurts, and actually more so now than 1 day post-wreck. There's still about 1.5 inches diameter circle of goop in there.

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Skweight Management Week 1

With weight fluctuations just as I expected, in this past week I gained as much as 1 lb and lost as many as 3 lbs. However, today I am 2 whole pounds lighter than I was 10 days ago. It's good to lose weight slowly but surely. I don't necessarily feel like I've lost any weight, but as Jack said about himself, I feel much more energetic, and definitely stronger.

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Skweight Management

Do skaters really have better buns? I have been skating for 7 years, and have noticed various changes in my body over that time: I've been flabby or toned, uncomfortably heavy or dangerously underweight, and most of the time, somewhere in between. Over those 7 years, however, I have been in decidedly better shape than I ever was, pre-skater.

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8 weeks to the first T2T training ride!

I think it's about 8 weeks from now until the first T2T training ride of the year. I think they are going to start the weekend after July 4th but I will update that when I know for sure! Of all the skate rides and events I look forward to each year, I think I love these training rides the best, as the staff and riders are so friendly and welcoming.
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Skate DC weekend 2006

I had a great time! I look forward to roadskater.net photos, and anybody else's photos too, for that matter. Please post photo links so I can go look.
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