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Jack's blog

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Tour To Tanglewood Weekend Training Skate aka Tour de Gibsonville

Have been thinking about, and after talking with Craig today, decided to do a skate from downtown Gibsonville into eastern Guilford and western Alamance County this coming Saturday morning at 8:00am. Craig, Blake, Tim, Eric Scott, and I have done this loop before. The roads are rolling hills with some great long cruising straights, plus they are all in good to excellent condition.

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Paul's Bicycles Winston-Salem T2T Training Ride

Paul's Bicycles training ride began on a beautiful summer's day with temps in the low 80s and a moderately sized group starting the 25, 36, and 50 mile loops. There were 6 skaters, who in the end splintered into individuals or pairs. Each, guided by their partner or own internal drive. The course, in my opinion, was the most demanding in terms of road surfaces which at times were very rough with some great climbs thrown in for good measure. A solo downhill at 39.0 mph prompted a whoop as the thrill of the day.


United States
36° 4' 1.5528" N, 80° 15' 7.1064" W
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Post-Birthday Skate Update: Inline Skating Greensboro Country Park

First off, thanks to everyone for your supportive comments and interest. The 58.3 mile in 5:29 went off without a hitch, excepting a soreness on the ball of my left foot. I don't have all the vitals from my Forerunner 305 on hand, but will post those soon. I started off at 6:45 am from the lower parking lot at Country Park, which proved to be fortuitous as the heat and humidity really started to assert themselves at my 12:15 p finishing time.


United States
36° 7' 25.5792" N, 79° 49' 58.8828" W
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Tuesday Post-Birthday Skate At Country Park Greensboro

My birthday, July 21st, will be set in asphalt & urethane on the morning of July 22nd as I plan to skate my age in mileage. No huge deal to most of you on here, but it will be my longest skate of the year and the second longest of all time. The plan is to start at approx 8:00 am and go till my goal is reached. Country Park, being the hilly little beast that it is will necesscitate a s-l-o-w pace, prob. in the 10 to hopefully 11 mph range. If more speed comes, I'll celebrate the miracle and welcome it, if not, I'll just enjoy the view, all 36+ times.

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Just a Quick Note...

..to thank Blake for all of the countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears he's put into skating, it's promotion and this web site. While I've always been enthusiastic about the sport, even in some of my darker, non-skating hours, Blake has constantly pushed, promoted, cajoled, and encouraged those around him literally, and through this medium to enjoy it to the maximum and invite others to do the same.

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Back in the Group Loop: Greensboro Country Park Tuesday Night Inline Skate

Just a brief note to say how wonderful it was to be skating again. I was away due to acute lack of inspiration and laziness as opposed to having a real reason. Bottom line: no excuses.

Teamed up with Blake, Tim, and Andrew at Country Park in Greensboro on Tues. eve and it was wonderful. Everytime I leave for a while and come back, I always wonder why I ever did, leave that is. We all did 7 or 8 laps, talked skating, Garmin 305s, various park attractions, and all the other things that make for endorphin induced grins.


United States
36° 7' 49.1808" N, 79° 50' 9.816" W
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T2T Elon Bike Shop Training Ride

Saturday was my first foray into over the road skating in a couple of years, and hey, it felt wonderful. I'm retraining my body to relax and go with the pack flow on the downhills, still some trepidation there. If I don't fill comfortable, I just backoff and go into solo aerobrake mode.

It was Blake, Elizabeth, Melinda, Andy, and me in the group. Although Blake was suffering boot/foot problems, which as we all know can be agony, a good time was had by all over the pleasant route. Thanks to Blake for the encouragement to get on the road again.

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It's Been A Great Year..

..for Roadskater.net members!! Lots of training, events, races, you all have so much to be proud of.

I'm coming up on seven weeks since my surgery, and have made wonderful progress, thankfully. I'm walking 3 to 4 miles, 4 to 5 times a week, and have started mixing it up with some very slow jogging. I feel the cardio coming back nicely and chomping at the bit to skate, but can't until my chest fully heals, which will be Nov. 1st, according to my surgeon.

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Have been reading..

..the various entries over the past few weeks, and of course, glad to see the skating faithful are as enthusiastic as ever. The events/distances some of you are doing have my sincerest admiration.

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Thanks, and much more..

..for the care, kind words, and strength you all have given to me in the past four days. Oh, BTW, I'M HOME.

My goodness, what an incredible experience that spanned, at least for me, the gamut of the emotional and physical realm. I'll save all that for another time. Suffice to say, my surgeon and the entire Cardiac Care Unit at Moses Cone Hospital receive my highest praise. (Where were you Bobbi?? :-) Thank you so very much for calling that first night, you have no idea how much it meant in that critical time to know an inside person to the CCU was calling to check)

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"It's not your head this time, it's your heart that holds your fate"...

...please allow me to plagiarize these lyrics from a song by The Boss, whose title at the moment, I can't recall.

Let me explain, my initial thoughts about discussing this subject on rsn2 were pretty much, "I'm really not one to share my ailments with a group of people whom I have tons of respect for, primarily, because I hate to sound like a complainer". In this particular case, however, I believe that line of reasoning is rather absurd, if not downright selfish. Alas, to share, being finally persuaded by the gentle urgings of Blake & Elizabeth, to do so, is the right thing.

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Skate On..

I'm skating twice a week, running two to three times a week, energy level has definitely increased, as per my goals when I started. One of my goals WAS NOT, however, losing any more weight. In 2 1/2 weeks I've gone from 142 to 132 lbs, I feel all springy and good, eating habits haven't changed. By all rights, I should be eating lots more, but if anything, sometimes I have to make myself eat, hmmm..

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Sunday Morning Skate

First off, i wasn't being unsociable,, it was just that I wasn't sure I was even going 'till I walked out the door, so I didn't post on the InlineNC subject line.

Anyway, had the MP3 loaded with some groove tunes and did two sets of 4 laps, then 1 set of 5. Stopping for a gulp of water in between as it was fairly warm by 10:30 am when I started. Anyways, felt really good. Sorry, missed you Blake, Monday pm, but am planning on Weds. fer shur.

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Wednesday Evening Skate

Had a great skate last night w/ Blake, Tim, Ken, and Millie. Perfect temperature and good mix of company, cruise chat and serious wind sucking.

I've resolved to skate at least twice a week this season, combined with, hopefully two running sessions. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Here's hoping I can achieve a balance of energy gain without undue fatigue. I've done this countless times before, trying to tread the thin line between good quality training and incinerating myself metabolically. Wish me luck!!

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