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JonathanS's blog

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Inline Skating a Great Way to Lose Weight!

Check this out.  Not my words, but theirs, the number one way to loose weight and burn calories.  SKATING!


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Challenge of the Centuries 2010 Charity Bike Ride Skate Report


Sooo, I was the lonely only skater at the Challenge of the Centuries.  And that was fine because it left all the comments of “what you are doing is amazing” all for myself.  Ha!  No, the bikers where great there, and even the traffic was very considerate.  I had a good time talking to people, and felt very welcome.  I almost brought my camera on the road with me, and now regret I didn’t.  So many cool things.  And so many lessons learned.


Hartwell, Georgia
United States
34° 21' 10.3788" N, 82° 55' 55.5132" W
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Nice socks or A fix for skate blisters

I found these socks and since we are all looking for ways to skip the blisters, thought I'd share.  They are made by WrightSock and are called their Double Layer sock.  I found them at REI, they run about $10-$14 a pair and they are a double layer of a super thin fabric.  Kind of like wearing two socks at once, but with out the thickness.  They are super thin.  I just got my first chance to skate in them, went out for about 35 min.  I'm undecided about how I feel about them.

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A2A on travel channel, hopefully.

I saw this on the K2 site and thought how great this is for bringing some much needed exposure to skating.  From what I understand, this show will start on the Travel Channel in October, so check out the link.  It's about a 4 min video clip.


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Inline Skate Boot Repairs Help Needed; How to Fix Skates

I need some help, and it is a bit unusual.  I have a pair of K2 Radical boots that are currently my only pair of boots until my speed boots arrive.  They broke today, and I will be pushing my luck to get my speed boots in in time for the SkateStrong class on the 28th.  So I'm hoping to try and fix my K2 Radical boots, if at least only temporarerly.  I am looking for a local solution or even suggestion, so here is my problem.

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