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kjg's blog

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Interval training, or "How is it possible to love and hate something at the same time?"

I have been unable to run for almost a year due to a stupid and apparently undiagnosable injury but after many kook-ball doctor visits, plus hours of yoga and massage, I am finally venturing back out onto soft surfaces. This is very exciting but also depressing as I realise how horribly slow I am now compared to where I left off a year ago, in peak running shape! So I decided to go do some intervals--which brought me to this musing....

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Bonking on purpose?

I read an article in Triathlete magazine (and then spent several days looking for it again ;-) )  I couldn't find the exact article but here is one which references the same research on active.com:

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During my (running) marathon training I have become quite interested in nutrition. I am talking about general nutrition more than what to eat during extended periods of exercise – that is getting enough calories into me to sustain the long runs and fuel the adequate muscle recoveries (before doing it all over again!) without eating high fat or inadvertently putting on a whole bunch of weight.

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Monotony of training and the things that get you out there!

Although we all love our respective activities be it cycling, skating, running etc. through training there are days that we just don't want to go out there. There have been a couple of times when I have been internally groaning about the idea of going out there until I remember that I have a new pair of shoes to try out or new tunes on my mp3 player, things which put the smile back on my face and a spring in my step as I run out the door.

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Listening to your body - how do you know when it is your mind?

So we have all been told many times that we should "listen to our bodies" and rest when it needs it. Through my running training I have had times when I have felt bodily tired (from a lack of sleep point of view) or recognised that something is mentally tough and pushed through it and usually felt better for it.
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battery change for t31 coded polar HR transmitter

I am confused as to whether or not the transmitter battery is changeable in the T31 or not!

It looks like it should be (has the slot on the back for a quarter) but when I turn it I can't get the back off. I have read that the Polar transmitter do not have a changeable battery but I think that may be refering to the older style.

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Remembering why we do it....

Things have been going very well with my half marathon training. I did my longest run to date this Saturday of 11 miles (in light snow, which by the way goes in your face in both directions!) in a blistering 8 and a half minute mile pace. This has been pretty consistently by long run pace (except for the 15F day with -10F wind chill!) And this evenings 4 mile fast run was sub 8 min miles. These are paces that I previously only dreamed about. So everything is going well....

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Running in the Michigan arctic tundra and setting a new PB!

I thought that you sunny southerners would enjoy this - it has been a little cold in Michigan this weekend. On Saturday I did my 8 mile long run for the week on Hines drive (where there is always a head wind in both directions!) in 15 deg F with a windchill to make it feel like zero! I am not kidding when I tell you that at some points I was actually being blown backwards as I ran up the hills! This is the route for the actual 1/2 marathon (which is why I am trying to do my longer runs there to train on the rolling hills and with the omni-present headwind.) So it was slow but I stayed warm and got through it (dreaming of my cobb salad and all the trimmings it was going to have on it most of the way!)

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Music to exercise to - Rhapsody playlist

I subscribe to Rhapsody and was frustrated not to be able to find playlists to download to my mp3 player, so I thought I would have a go at sharing my own current favorites. I think you can get a free account and listen to 25 songs a month - enjoy and let me know what you think of my choices!

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In love with my training partner

It's true I am in love with my training partner....

The one on my wrist!

He is in my GPS (Garmin forerunner 201) and whatever speed and distance I tell him to run he faithfully does. He never gets tired, he doesn't get slower in the cold, rain or ice, and he tells me how many feet behind me or in front of me he is for the whole run.

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The snow and what it told me about people's activity levels

As I run my route in the snow this evening it told me something....no I am not delusional again......I ran a portion of the route that I ran on Saturday morning just after the snow first fell. Then it froze and then it snowed again (kind of like a snow lasagna!) There were portions of sidewalk where the only footprints were the ones that I had left on Saturday morning, now covered with fresh snow.

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Climb detroit

A group of us skaters in Michigan are taking part in the first american lung foundation's climb detroit - a stair climbing event up 72 flights of the RenCen Marriott tower.


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Half marathon running training

I have decided to run my first 1/2 marathon at the Martian Marathon on April 1st. This is a big decision and undertaking but one that I am quite excited about.

I have been a casual runner for several years - mostly in the skate off-season. Mostly running 5 and 10k's with various times and various frequencies of training!

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Running with ID my thoughts and conclusions during a nighttime run

I use my runs as thinking time - it is kind of like a conversation except it is just me talking and sometimes I argue myself around to a different point of view!

Recently I went for a run a dusk - something I generally try to avoid for safety reasons, but I also try not to allow concerns from limiting my ability to exercise. To put your mind at rest further I always make sure someone knows where I am going and how long I will be.

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Hypokalemia, Hyponatremia and Endurance events (Running, Inline Skating, Cycling)

As many of you are already aware at the end of this years A2A I paid a visit to the ER. The symptoms and diagnosis were something that I was not previously familiar with and I wanted to share my memories in the hope that you might recognise them in yourself or someone else in the future.
It took us longer than expected to skate from Athens to Atlanta for a number of reasons. These are not meant as excuses or complaints just background.
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