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Ibuprofen and athletes - recent studies yield some surprising results

People that know me know that I don't think twice about popping some ibuprofen ("vitamin i") before, after, and during events.  While ibuprofen is generally considered pretty safe, I was curious about any side effects from long-term use, or use during endurance events.

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Athens to Atlanta 2010 Report: Skatey-Mark's A2A Inline Skate Event Journal


This was an usual year for me, as I was more unsure than usual about how well I would do.  I didn't feel like I had trained enough, or at least hadn't done enough of the right training.  I was a little heavier than I would have liked.  I had had a few dissatisfying skates over the summer where I had struggled to complete 60 miles.

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Skart wins Northshore inline marathon (open division)!

The Northshore Inline Marathon was on Saturday.  I just checked the results, and RoadSkater.net's own "Skart"  (aka Artem Papkov) won the open division...




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Elevation data... Which is the most accurate?

Last weekend, RoadSkater & I were talking about elevation data while on the scenic 51-mile "Hannah" route...  I unfortunately lost my data from that skate due to a hard drive crash, so I can't compare against his.  But it did get me thinking...


Which elevation data is most accurate?

1) Polar's barometric sensor

2) Garmin's GPS sensor

3) NASA's 30m elevation data (i.e., on gpsvisualizer.com)


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Tour to Tanglewood overnight accommodations

Tour to Tanglewood is only 3 weeks away!  Woohoo!!!


Friday night I have reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn, a couple miles away from the start.  (4307 Big Tree Way, Greensboro, NC)  The Hampton Inn (around the corner from the start) was booked solid.  My girlfriend is using Hilton points, so HGI was the closest Hilton hotel after the Hampton...  I didn't check availability on anything else, but I've stayed at the Days Inn (maybe 1/2 mile from the start) in years past and it was okay.


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Polar RS800CX review

My super-cool girlfriend bought me a Polar RS800CX HRM with the G3 GPS Sensor for Christmas.  I hadn't really messed with it too much until a couple months ago.  I think I've played with it enough to have an educated opinion on it now.  It's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination (about $380 online.)  This is my third Polar HRM, having gone through a Polar Coach, then a Polar S710.


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Fred Meijer Heartland Trail (Montcalm Co., MI) Report and more Polar RS800 woes

I'm up in Michigan right now visiting the family and finally got to try out a new greenway trail that's been on my list for at least a year.  It's relatively new and smack-dab in the middle of the state.  Fortunately, my parents live very close to it now, so it was only a 20-minute drive to get there.


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BikeFest 2009 Report

Last Saturday, I skated in the annual BikeFest ride in Hillsborough, NC.  I've done this event many times in the past.  It's very well run and I've always felt welcomed by the organizers and cyclists.  Like last year, I skated solo this year.  For those thinking of doing this event next year, be sure to sign up at least 3 weeks before the event.  They limit the number of participants, and they've hit the limit every year for the past few years...


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Good places to buy lycra shorts? (Inline Skating and Cycling)

It's time to order some new shorts.  (The ones I have are noticeably worn.)  I have been ordering the "Lycra Power" shorts from sweatitout.com...




But they're a bit pricey ($42.95).  I was wondering where others were getting their shorts and how they liked them...  Thanks!


- SM - 

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NCBC (North Carolina Bike Club) Summer Rally Report: 40-Mile Inline Skate

This past Sunday, I skated in the annual NCBC Summer Rally.  I've done this event several times in the past and it has always been a good time.  All of the events that the NC Bike Club hosts are well organized, and I've always felt welcome as a skater to participate.  The cyclists are great too, many of them throwing compliments as they passed.  To some, seeing a skater on the road with them was definitely a novelty.  I'm also happy to report that I experienced no negative incidents all day, be it from cyclists, pedestrians, or drivers.


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Early registration for the SkateStrong skating/rollerblading workshop has been extended

Hey everyone... I've been out of town recently, so I decided to extend the "early bird" registration for the upcoming skating workshop until this Saturday (March 21st). Sign up before then to get the cheaper rate of $60 . It goes up to $80 on Sunday.

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SkateStrong skating / rollerblading workshop date voting - round 2

Okay, I didn't get many responses for the voting, but the general preference seems to be for one of the earlier weekends...


So, the tentative date is:  Saturday, March 28th.


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SkateStrong skating / rollerblading workshop in Raleigh NC - vote on the date!

I'll be teaching another skating workshop this year.  I'd like to do it in the spring, a few weeks before the Eddy Matzger workshop in Greensboro. Information about the workshop can be found here:


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A2A 2008 Race Report - A Breakthrough Year for Skatey-Mark!

First, let me say WOW! In all my years of doing this event, this was the year I least expected to exceed my expectations. To be perfectly honest, I had NO IDEA what to expect this year. My training has been so vastly different than prior years, that I just assumed my performance would be worse...

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The Floyd Landis Saga Continues...

Just when you thought it was all over... 




Floyd Landis is back, this time taking his case to the US courts.  The article points our that this is probably pointless, since the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) is a Swiss body...  As far as I know, our courts don't have any jurisdiction there...  Not yet, anyway...  ;-)


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