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Tomb's blog

Carolina Century, 2011

<a href="http://bl2u.com/events/carolina-century-2011/">http://bl2u.com/events/carolina-century-2011/</a>

No pictures.   :(

Once again, I completed the 102 mile Carolina Century this past Saturday.  The family did the 31 mile option on their bikes.  I need to get my girls used to skating long distances...

Not much to say, the skate was drama-free.  So I'll just give some initial impressions.

What a great skate!  Just like last year, conditions were perfect.  No special difficulty, just a great day to skate.

Four skaters this year: Blake, Elizabeth, Bob Harwell, and me.  Bob and I left Blake and Elizabeth fairly early in the skate, around 5-7 miles in (?).  In Blake's defense, it sounded like he was on his phone quite a bit still working out some issues with other event organizers and volunteers.

Carolina Century 2010 - Tomb's report

Before I forget: Mark your calendars for next year.  A2A 2011 (30 year anniversary) is October 9, 2011.  Carolina Century 2011 is October 22, 2011 (always the fourth Saturday in October).

Carolina Century web page:

[The permalink that points to the latest Carolina Century info is:

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