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Greensboro NC Eddy Matzger Roadshow Registration Open

The registration form is ready at http://skatecentral.com for the Greensboro Inline Speed Skating workshop now called the Eddy Matzger Roadshow, April 6-8, 2007.

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Derek Parra on a slideboard

 I am not sure how many of you know about Andrew's Love's blog (which is awesome by the way: http://www.andrewlove.org/blog) but recently he has posted a video of Derek Parra doing a slide board session with NC-based Amber Yrbor. I highly recommend checking it out - it is not only that 

NYPD's proposed rules for group skates / bike rides

This means us!!

I have changed the terminology from biking to skating in the press-release from Transportation Alternatives to underscore the impact of the proposed new rules on our community. Theoretically, every point applies to skaters, even the requirement to carry a bell.

The NYPD already has the rules needed to keep order in the streets. They have traffic laws, prohibitions against disorderly conduct, and a host of other rules. In short, there is no need for the police to create new rules to suppress non-vehicular transportation.

Speaker Christine Quinn is supporting the new rules. Make sure she knows that you don't by using the links provided. Alan has given you her answer to the initial notice, when you get that first answer, send another note of concerned opposition. Write also to your council-member.

See you on the streets!

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Does being a Brave Soldier help road rash?

I was browsing a list of products on the Bike Nashbar website and something called "Brave Soldier First Defense" caught my eye. Blurb says that it was "originally designed to treat road rash at bikes races," and that it "cleanses and removes debris with a powerful, yet soothing antiseptic wash that doesn’t sting."

Eddy Matzger goes to court for skating the Blue Ridge Pkwy

Carol Patch of DC has been circulating this appeal to help Eddy Matzger challenge the ban to skating on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Contact her for more information on the court date and requirements for submitting an affidavit.

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Chad Hedrick back after a rest

Chad Hedrick is back on the ice after several months off, and this article shows he has some new attitudes, at least for now. He seems to be planning to do less in hopes of doing better (since he didn't win all gold) and may be actually following the example of others a bit. He's in with the team this year, including their coaching (as his former coach is now in Germany). This article is an account of what for Hedrick was a warm-up race, and it has some good quotes of note. --Blake

Chad Hedrick shaking off the rust
USOlympicTeam.com - 16 minutes ago
MILWAUKEE _ It has been a long time since Chad Hedrick showed up at a speedskating race willing to settle for anything but victories and track records. ...

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Roller tennis... in the snow

Ok, you've heard of roller soccor... No? Well then check out the picture on the aprr website at


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Défi 2006 Report Montréal Québec Inline Skate Race

OK - here it is...  Perhaps my longest writeup ever... 

Le Défi de L'Île de Montréal -- October 21, 2006

<!-- break -->


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Misty's 2006 A2A journal entry

My 2006 A2A story: (a bit long-winded, but fun to remember anyhow.)

***Before reading this story, please note that I skated the A2A on quads, not inlines. This might help explain some of my equipment 'issues'.

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You'll be a LIMBO star... how low can you go?

Did anyone see the article about the little Indian girl (Gwalior, India) who skated under 40 cars with only 8 or so inches of clearance? I kept trying to find a place where the video was clearer, but it always shows up looking neon green like a negative image or something. Either way, that girl would be a total LIMBO CHAMPION!!! My son and I always do the limbo when we go skating... I used to win it every time... *sigh* not now.

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Hypokalemia, Hyponatremia and Endurance events (Running, Inline Skating, Cycling)

As many of you are already aware at the end of this years A2A I paid a visit to the ER. The symptoms and diagnosis were something that I was not previously familiar with and I wanted to share my memories in the hope that you might recognise them in yourself or someone else in the future.
It took us longer than expected to skate from Athens to Atlanta for a number of reasons. These are not meant as excuses or complaints just background.
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Floyd Landis update - the best defense is a good offense

Floyd is taking the fight online and has apparently posted a lot of information on his home page.  (www.floydlandis.com)...  I've linked to an article with a summary and it sounds like he's just putting up a lot of data to back up his claim that the French lab was either incompetent, purposely spiked the samples, or both...

sommemi's picture

My A2A 2004 story

I actually posted this on my personal website, but thought it might be appreciated here. Hope you enjoy it!

I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith.
A2A 2004

sommemi's picture

Parable: the skater and the pebble...

This is a really long story, but worth the read when you get to the bottom. It only deals partly with skating, but thought you would appreciate a story of my Dad's ridiculous antics with skating. This is just one among the millions of stories that are similar to "... so there I was screaming down this hill at 52 mph when suddenly..." but a little less... um... screaming. Well... no, I think there is screaming at one point...

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A2A 2003 report

(posted on my website a long time ago, reposted here for Blake's A2A History project.)



Wow - I've been so swamped the last few days, that I'm just now to the point where I can write something of substance... Let's see now, where to begin.

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